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Meet your Social Media Ambassadors

Our team of ambassadors will take you along as they tour residence halls, attend local concerts, meet up with friends, talk with faculty and staff, go to class and so much more.

Libby Harrington

Libby Harrington

Libby, the team lead, is an out-of-state student from New Jersey studying Human Services with minors in Political Science and Leadership Studies. She's on the club lacrosse team at UNC and is a peer educator with the Center for Peer Education on campus. She is a senior and hopes to go into a future of public health education and substance abuse prevention.

Andrea Montanez

Andrea Montanez

Andrea is a first-year student from Denver, Colorado, who is majoring in Pre-Health with an emphasis on Biomedical Sciences. She is interested in playing video games and getting involved. She plans to go to medical school to get into the field of pediatrics.   

Emma Panger

Emma Panger

Emma is a sophomore from Littleton, Colorado, majoring in Nursing. She plays for the women's lacrosse team and is a member of Alpha Phi. She likes to spend her free time traveling or adventuring and hopes to travel the world. One day she plans to be a nurse anesthetist and hopefully in the future become an anesthesiologist.

Submit a Social Media Request

Want to take over Snapchat or have one of our ambassadors cover your organization? Let us know, and we will work together to come up with the best way to tell your story!

If you are part of a UNC organization and have a flyer or poster for an upcoming event, please send it as a PDF or JPG file to social.media@unco.edu in order to have your flyer featured on Snapchat the week of your event.

If there's anything else we should know, please include it here!