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Table Announcements

As part of our sustainability efforts at the University Center, we have implemented a new, less wasteful avenue for table advertising for the university community.

Table Advertisement Policy

Advertisers are limited to on-campus groups (chartered student organization, departments, and other approved organizations)
All table advertising must be scheduled through  and approved by University Center Administration. 
Email: roger.stinar@unco.edu or 351-2073
Table advertisements publicizing events may run for no longer than two weeks prior to the event

To advertise on tables in the University Center please follow these parameters:

  1. Dimensions should be exactly 5” wide x 7” tall
  2. Printed on card (heavy) stock paper is preferred but not mandatory.
  3. Printed on one side as only one advertizing pane per event will be allowed.
  4. Please print 100 advertisements for use in the UC.