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University Center Digital Monitor 

The University Center provides a digital monitor at the Information Desk that displays campus event announcements, weather, news and other pertinent information. Other digital information board monitors on campus are located at Kepner Hall and North Hall.

Event Announcements

We invite UNC campus groups and departments hosting an event on campus to submit an event announcement to be posted on the digital monitor. Announcements meeting the following requirements may be posted:

 The group hosting the event or activity must be a UNC chartered student organization, a UNC department, or a UNC-affiliated group.
The event or activity must be open to the public.
Regular meeting announcements will not be posted.
Job announcements will not be posted.
The UC reserves the right to limit the length of time any specific announcement is posted and to restrict the total number of announcements posted on any particular day in order to ensure that event notices are receiving maximum exposure.
Campus Events will be posted generally for no longer than two weeks prior to the event, but exceptions may be made for larger events.

Video Monitor

Submit an Annoucement

  1. Create a PowerPoint slide without animations and save to PowerPoint (.ppt file extension).
  2. E-mail the PowerPoint slide to VideoDisplay-dl@unco.edu

For more information, contact the University Center at 351-2007 or e-mail VideoDisplay-dl@unco.edu
Please allow a minimum of 2 working days for your announcement to be posted.