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Summer Enrichment Program

The Summer Enrichment Program provides a unique learning experience that addresses the intellectual and affective needs of learners who are gifted, talented, and/or creative.

The Summer Enrichment Program was founded under the direction of Dr. Robert Sloat in 1978, and grew and thrived under the leadership of Dr. George Betts from 1979-2012 and Dr. Stuart Omdal from 2013-2017.

Stuart Omdal

Dr. Stuart Omdal

Dr. Stuart Omdal was involved in different roles at SEP for 23 years and recently retired as the director of the Summer Enrichment Program.

Dr. George Betts

Dr. George Betts 

Dr. George Betts was directly involved in SEP during its first year in 1978 and was named Director of the program in 1979. For over three decades, he helped fulfill SEP's mission of providing a unique learning experience that addresses both the cognitive and affective needs of gifted learners. 

2017 National Award Recipient

The SEP received one of two Global Awareness Annemarie Roeper Awards from the National Association for Gifted Children. The program was recognized during the NAGC's annual convention in North Carolina in November 2017.

More about the Annemarie Roeper Award

Meet our Co-Directors

Jennifer Ritchotte and Amy Graefe, SEP Co-Directors

Amy Graefe and Jennifer Ritchotte

Our Programs

A triad of programs is offered each summer under the umbrella of Summer Enrichment Program. 

All three programs nurture the whole gifted child. This is, in part, accomplished through what former SEP Director, Dr. Stuart Omdal, refers to as a “culture of acceptance.” As one former participant shared, “At SEP I was accepted for exactly who I was.” The Summer Enrichment Program will continue this tradition of acceptance under the leadership of Dr. Jennifer Ritchotte and Dr. Amy Graefe, professors of Gifted Education at UNC, who have combined experience of 12 years at SEP.

The Center for the Education & Study of Gifted, Talented, Creative Learners at the University of Northern Colorado offers additional summer programs for children and youth.

SEP Information

Summer Enrichment Program

2019 marks the 42nd year of the Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) serving children and youth who are gifted, talented and/or creative in a supportive academic and social setting. Designed for students entering 5th grade through 10th grade, this residential program offers high interest, hands-on, brains-on courses developed by specialists in gifted education and/or in specialized content areas. On the day they arrive, students select courses for their two-week session. Courses meet daily during four 75-minute periods. After classes are done for the day, participants choose a variety of "options" varying from active sports and recreation to craft activities and time to visit with new and old friends. Students come to SEP from approximately 25 states, provinces and foreign countries. Dorm counselors who are college age and older supervise students during all hours that the students are not in class.

5th and 6th grade students from SEP now have the opportunity to participate in a day program

Summer Enrichment Day Program

New this year! The Summer Enrichment (SEP) Day program for 5th- and 6th-grade students. 

We have a limited number of spots available this year for 5th and 6th graders who would like to attend SEP day classes rather than the full residential program. Students will attend SEP from 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday (both weeks) and on Super Saturday (at the end of the first week of the program). Students will participate in morning classes, lunch, and afternoon classes. 

Costs of this program coming soon.

Apply for SEP Day Program

Young Child SEP Information

Young Child Program

The Young Child Program serves children ages 4 and 5 and those entering grades 1-4. The program addresses the early educational and social needs of children who are gifted, talented and/or creative children. Parents select high-interest courses that meet during four 40-minute periods each day. The specialists in gifted and talented education who teach the courses plan them to help develop and focus the natural curiosity and creativity of these students.

LEP Information Image

Leadership Enrichment Program

The Leadership Enrichment Program (LEP) accepts 24 high school students who are entering their junior and senior years. The focus is on understanding one's personal, unique gifts and talents, learning about leadership styles and developing traits and characteristics of leadership. They spend three periods a day on leadership topics and one period assisting an SEP teacher for a class of their choice. They assist SEP counselors with afternoon and evening options and teach mini-courses on the Saturday between the weeks of their session. Special activities, meals, and creative options make LEP unique and memorable.