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An Update on University Restructuring

March 25, 2020

Back in early February, we began discussing plans to put the University of Northern Colorado on more sustainable footing by implementing Administrative Service Centers and reducing positions across the University. Although much of our individual and collective attention in more recent weeks has been subsumed by the University’s response to the global Coronavirus pandemic and sustaining the health and safety of our community, our plans to restructure administrative services across the University and eliminate positions have not changed. We understand the fundamental human impact of this decision may be compounded by other factors in a time when layoffs and suspensions in so many other sectors of our economy are having an effect on individuals and their families. We have explored various alternatives, but none of them are viable. However, while our original plans were to lay off as many as 65 employees, we expect the final number will now be under 55.

As we previously communicated, notifications to affected employees will begin next week and will conclude no later than April 15. Some individuals will be placed on administrative leave immediately and receive post-employment compensation and benefits until June 30. Others will be asked to continue their work until the end of the spring semester; they will be paid and receive benefits through July 31. All affected employees will receive information about how to apply for open campus positions. 

I know it seems like an eternity ago that our community came together in a variety of forums to discuss the imperative for changing our organizational structure and to ask questions about the impacts these plans might have on work that occurs in units across campus, especially efforts to ensure the success of our students. As you might imagine, our financial picture has not improved in the intervening weeks. In fact, the outlook is less certain today than it was when we began a university-wide discussion about the restructuring more than six weeks ago—and about our budget challenges in the months before that.

I remain committed to implementing these plans. Because we are taking these actions now, I have no doubt that we’re going to be better positioned to make it through all of this and come out as a better, stronger UNC on the other side.

Rowing, Not Drifting.

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Andy Feinstein