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  • What is the Administrative Center model?

    The Administrative Service Center concept, sometimes referred to as a shared service center on campuses where it’s been successfully implemented, is a way to redeploy resources in support of changing university needs. It integrates and enhances support for the four essential and specialized functions (HR, Accounting, Budget, and Communications and Marketing). The ASC proposal was developed during discussions among the cabinet, deans, assistant and associate deans, department business managers, and senior administrative staff.

  • Why are we implementing an Administrative Service Center model?

    We are projecting a $5 million budget deficit in FY21, assuming enrollment for the next academic year remains flat. We urgently need to address this. The ASC is one of the strategies being advanced to respond to this challenge—and ensure that we can operate more efficiently as an institution in order to direct human and financial resources to support student success. The ASC model will address approximately $2 million dollars of the budget deficit. Other cost-saving measures will address the balance.

  • Are all colleges and divisions doing this?

    Yes, each division and college is responsible for working with their dean or VP to adjust and implement this model.

  • How many ASC positions will every college and division receive?

    Each division and college is responsible for working with Academic Affairs to adjust the scale to fit its own needs. The four job descriptions identified in the model reflect four essential functions that will be deployed across all ASCs, but the number of each position necessary will be determined at the division or college level. The total number of ASC positions in each college or division may vary.