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Annotated Bibliography: Workbooks

This annotated bibliography was prepared by Sandra McClure in 2020.

These workbooks (below) are resources that are of interest to ASL legal interpreters. The descriptive and evaluative paragraph associated with the citation conveys the quality and relevance of the resource which assists in determining if the resource is of actual interest.

Additional resources are available within this Annotated Bibliography

NOTE: This page was last updated November 2021.

  1. Bennett, G.M. (2014). Balancing the scales: Independent book study. GMB Services.

    Key Words: courtroom environment, protocol, court preparation strategies, roles, courtroom, ethics

    This book study introduces basic principles and practices of interpreting in legal settings. It provides an overview of interpreting in legal settings with respect to professional orientation and identity, including an overview of the court system, legal terminology, and best practices in the courtroom. Ethical scenarios and practice translating frozen legal text are included.

    Link to Workbook:

  2. NCIEC. (2010). Highly effective court interpreting teams in action. Institute for Legal Interpreting.

    Key Words: workbook, CDI, court, legal, teams

    The materials contained within this workbook are developed for educational purposes. The materials are designed for the purpose of increasing practitioner understanding of: 1) the complexities of the interpreting process, 2) techniques and strategies used by experienced legal interpreters in managing the demands of the interpreting process, and 3) the contribution of Certified Deaf Interpreters to effective delivery of interpreting services in legal settings.

    Link to Workbook:

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