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International Affairs B.A.

Study diverse global issues and prepare for internationally-focused careers in UNC’s International Affairs program. This interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree program integrates a core of political science courses with fields such as anthropology, geography, environmental studies, economics and history. You’ll work alongside award-winning faculty who have extensive experience living and studying overseas. You’ll also have many unique and enriching opportunities to gain international experience for yourself, through study abroad programs and other experiential learning opportunities.

Degree Options

The International Affairs B.A. program offers two tracks: Area Studies and International Political Economy. Both explore diverse studies in comparative politics and international relations and include a foreign language component.

Area Studies

Choose a specialized course of study in the regions of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East or Latin America.

Major Requirements

International Political Economy

Combine an in-depth study of economics and political science with studies in other disciplines such as business, anthropology, sociology, history and environmental studies.

Major Requirements

Related Minors

Political Science Minor

Our 18-credit Political Science minor program provides a strong foundation in government and international politics, while teaching valuable communication and critical thinking skills. You’ll also have many exciting opportunities for internships in local, state and international settings.

Minor Requirements

Legal Studies Minor

Gain a broad background in the law with a Legal Studies minor. This 21-credit program explores the theoretical foundations of law and its role in American and international institutions. It is an excellent option for pre-law students or a variety of other majors.

Minor Requirements

Related Programs

Student Spotlight

Jean-Claude Madin Cerezo

It's a pretty safe bet that Jean-Claude Madin Cerezo was the only member of the Bears football team who speaks four languages: French, German, Spanish and English. Cerezo graduated from UNC in 2016.

Finding answers to complex questions

To find solutions to global challenges, we must get out in the world and experience other countries and cultures first hand. Not only is it an invaluable learning experience, it can be a fun and exciting adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime. Through our study abroad programs, International Affairs majors have studied all over the world, in places like Germany, Italy, Ireland, Argentina, Morocco, Japan, Panama, Peru and Lithuania. Learn more about study abroad programs at UNC.

Your Future in International Affairs

As an International Affairs major at UNC, you’ll find that classes are more about discussions than lectures. That faculty know your name and are dedicated to helping you succeed. You’ll find a supportive learning environment in which students work together toward common goals and find camaraderie through challenging classes.

Consider UNC’s International Affairs B.A. if you:

  • Want to find solutions to complex global challenges
  • Want to learn a foreign language and gain international experience
  • Excel in small classes with close faculty mentorship

You’ll learn:

  • Global challenges related to issues such as environmental pollution, population growth and migration, war, global governance and the promotion of democracy
  • The history, culture and language of different key regions of the world
  • Advanced analytical, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills

Sample courses:

  • American Foreign Policy
  • International Law and Organizations
  • War and Peace
  • International Business
  • Politics of Religion
  • Politics and Film

Beyond the Classroom

Prepare for careers with international organizations, government agencies and multinational corporations, or pursue further study in international relations, law, economics or journalism. When you achieve your bachelor’s degree in International Affairs at UNC, a world of professional and graduate opportunities will be open to you.

Where can your degree take you?

As an International Affairs major, you’ll gain foreign language and analytical skills that will be valued in diverse career areas, including:

  • Communications and public relations
  • Development and relief
  • Education
  • Energy and environment
  • Human rights and international law
  • International business
  • Research and academia

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