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March Guest Speaker: Nate Haas, Director of University News and Publication

The PASC Guest Speaker Series continued in March with a conversation with Nate Haas, UNC’s Director of University News and Publication. Nate was joined by Dan England, Features Editor at the Greeley Tribune. Nate and Dan provided information and insight into the purview of their roles, respectively, and into how they generally work together. [READ FULL POST]

February Guest Speaker: Marshall Parks, Director of Human Resources

The PASC Guest Speaker Series continued in February with Marshall Parks, UNC’s Director of Human Resources. The first part of Parks’ presentation centered on UNC’s budget for fiscal year (FY) 2018 and its implications for exempt-employee salaries. Part two provided an update on the ongoing implementation of UNC’s banding project, which has aimed to streamline exempt staff members’ job classifications in order to support UNC’s compensation identity plan. [READ FULL POST]

December Guest Speaker Series: Dr. Wayne Webster

Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Wayne Webster will give an overview of UNC’s fundraising and alumni operations, discuss how the university identifies fundraising priorities, share an update on efforts to raise funds for the Campus Commons, discuss next steps for fundraising at UNC and answer questions [READ FULL POST]

PASC/CSC November Guest Speaker Series: UNC's Integrated Recruiting and Marketing Team

UNC's Integrated Recruiting and Marketing Team presented at the November PASC/CSC Guest Speaker Series [READ FULL POST]


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