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Graduate Program Admission Information

To apply to a graduate program in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, please follow the step-by-step instructions below.  

  • Application Instructions

    To apply to a graduate program in the School of Sport and Exercise Science, please follow the step-by-step instructions listed below.  A completed application will include ALL of the following:

    1. Submit Graduate Application form
    2. Pay the Application Fee
    3. Submit official transcripts: All applicants are required to provide ONE official transcript (submitted electronically) from every accredited college or university attended since completing high school, except UNC. If you cannot submit transcripts electronically, then mail them directly to the Graduate School and International Admissions office (Graduate School and International Admissions, University of Northern Colorado, 501 20th Street, Campus Box 135, Greeley, CO 80639). Please note that electronic submissions must come directly from the college or university attended, NOT from the student.  Official transcripts from each college are required, even if courses taken at one institution are listed on another school’s transcripts.  Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated based on the last 60 hours on Bachelor’s degree or GPA from Master’s degree. A GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required.   
    4. Submit GRE scores (for Doctoral applicants only): Test scores must be sent directly to the GSIA Office by the testing agency. Test scores must be received before an application is considered complete.  All doctoral applicants must take the Graduate Record Examinations General Test (GRE). Required Minimum: 140 Quantitative; 146 Verbal Reasoning; Combined score of at least 297; Analytic Writing 3.5.  Test scores more than five years old will not be accepted.  UNC’s institutional code number is R4074

    The following supplemental application materials must be sent to the Graduate School and International Admissions office, electronically:

    • Two Letters of Recommendation for master’s and post baccalaureate applicants; three Letters of Recommendation for doctoral applicants. 
    •  Current resume or curriculum vitae,
    •  Letter of Intent: Written statement of your background, career goals, and research interests (if applicable). 
      • The written statement must clearly indicate which program area you are applying to in the first paragraph. Exercise Science applicants must indicate the concentration area to which you are applying (Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, or Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity). Failure to do so could mean a rejection of your application.
      • For Ph.D. applicants, it is also important that the name(s) of any faculty member(s) you are interested in working with appear somewhere in your research statement. Our program is mentor-based so faculty members are instrumental in admissions decisions.

    Failure to submit all required materials will delay the evaluation and screening of your application. For more detail regarding admission procedures please visit the University's Graduate School website. Incomplete applications will not be sent to the School of Sport & Exercise Science and will be rejected without a review.

  • Application Deadlines

    At the master's level, programs will typically (but not always) admit students to the program in both spring and fall, with the exception of Sports Administration which only admits students in the fall. For doctoral applicants, only fall admission is generally considered. Below are application deadlines for our M.S. and Ph.D. programs. For specific questions related to these deadlines, applicants are encouraged to communicate directly with faculty in the program they are applying to for further clarifications. Applications received by the appropriate date listed below will receive priority screening. Applications received after the date may not be reviewed if no program spots are available.

    M.S. Applicants Deadlines

    • Fall admission: February 1
    • Spring admission: August 31

    Ph.D. Applicants Deadlines

    • Fall admission only: February 1

    M.A. in Sports Coaching and M.A.T. in Physical Education and Physical Activity Leadership programs are cohort in nature and are offered through our Extended Campus.  

  • Application Review Process

    When applying to a graduate program in the School of Sport & Exercise Science it is important to understand that the review process takes time. Below is a list of the steps involved in the application review process. This is provided to inform you about how your application is handled within the university and within our program.

    Once all application materials have been received by the Graduate School (see minimum requirements), the Graduate School checks the application to ensure that all of the minimum requirements of the Graduate School have been met. Note that any incomplete application will never be sent to the School of Sport & Exercise Science for review. Thus, applicants are encouraged to follow-up with the Graduate School to ensure that the application is complete. Also, check email regularly for communication from our Graduate School indicating any materials that are missing from the application.

    The complete application is then sent to the School of Sport & Exercise Science for program review. Once received in SES, the application is logged and forwarded to program faculty in the area the applicant is applying to for admission.
    Application review times will vary from program to program. However, many programs will not review any applications until after the priority screening or hard application deadline has passed. If you have questions about the progress of your application at this stage, you are encouraged to communicate directly with program faculty as they are the ones reviewing your application. A general rule of thumb is that for fall admission program faculty generally make recommendations in March, and for spring admission, program faculty generally make recommendations in October.

    Once the program has reached a decision on the application, the recommendation is then sent to the Graduate School. The Graduate School then sends a letter directly to the applicant indicating the program faculty’s recommendation.

    If the applicant is admitted based on the program faculty’s recommendation, the applicant will need to follow the instructions in the letter to notify the Graduate School and the School of Sport & Exercise Science about his/her intent to attend the university.

  • Funding and Financial Aid

    For information regarding financial aid, scholarships, and graduate assistantships, please visit the Graduate School funding and costs site.

    The School of Sport & Exercise Science offers a limited number of Graduate Teaching Assistantships, which are generally reserved for doctoral students only. Decisions about assistantships are made each fall semester. For students admitted in the spring semester, the GA/TA application would not be reviewed until the following fall semester. These assistantships are ONLY awarded in the fall semester. Completed applications are due electronically to Jill.Zamarripa@unco.edu by February 1, 2020.   This is the only item that is sent directly to the School of Sport & Exercise Science; all other materials go directly to the Graduate School.

    Submit SES GA/TA Application 

  • Program Contacts

    Applicants are encouraged to contact faculty in the specific program they are applying to for specific questions about the program or program specific requirements.