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Biomechanics at UNC


The Biomechanics Lab at the University of Northern Colorado serves the people of Colorado and the nation through the advancement and dissemination of fundamental knowledge, by providing high-quality undergraduate and graduate instruction in biomechanics, generating knowledge through research focused on lower extremity biomechanics, and exposing students and the community to advanced research technologies and methodologies in the field of biomechanics. 

We are currently accepting applications for our Biomechanics Masters of Science Program


We train undergraduate and graduate students to become future researchers, scientists and educators in the field of biomechanics.




We perform locomotion and postural stability research designed to provide insights into the mechanical, neuromuscular, and energetic adaptations that exist in healthy, athletic, and patient populations. Structural limitations, such as lower extremity amputation, distal neuropathy, and lower extremity injury, are of particular interest.



We engage the community to provide experiences in a technologically advanced research setting in an effort to stimulate interest in the science of biomechanics. Through these community engagement activities, lab personnel are able to illustrate the blend of scientific principles from multiple fundamental disciplines including math, physics, engineering, and physiology.


The Biomechanics Lab is supported by a fully equiped biomechanics laboratory.