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University Event Calendar Guide

The University Event Calendar provides a one-stop source of event information for University of Northern Colorado students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni and the Greeley community.

Guidelines for Submission

UNC Community

All events posted on the calendar must be open to the UNC community


Academic or research seminars targeting a broad audience


Student thesis and Ph.D. defenses

UNC Events

Events sponsored by a UNC center, college, unit, institute or recognized student club or organization

  • How do I get my event promoted on the University Events Calendar?

    Please start by filling out the appropriate event submission form located on the University Event Calendar webpage.

    • There are two calendar submission forms, one for individuals submitting an event using a first.last@unco.edu email address, the other for individuals submitting an event using a Bearmail (@bears.unco.edu) email address.

    From there, the designated Communications Specialist within your area or University Advancement will review your submission to ensure all details are included.

  • Who reviews and approves University Event Calendar submissions?

    After completing the form, it will be directed to the dedicated marketing and communications specialist in your college/department/unit for review. Communications specialists will then either approve your event or request additional clarifying details within 24-48 hours.

  • What information is needed for submission?
    1. Topic: The event content must be directly related to the University and must not contain any commercial advertising, religious or political editorials, or solicitations. Messages must be free of slander, obscenities, and other material that may be considered unlawful.
    2. Content: Messages should be concise, but all messages must include a date, time, entry fees (if applicable), location, sponsor, and brief description of the event. University Advancement reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and/or length.
    3. Style: Messages should be checked for spelling, grammar and accuracy of names, titles, dates, contact information, etc. Messages will be moderated, but not fact checked for accuracy of names, phone numbers, e-mail, Web addresses, or related. Please do not include all-caps and exclamation points for emphasis. Acronyms should be spelled out the first time they appear, and event titles should be concise.
  • What type of events are unacceptable for promoting on the University Event Calendar?
    • Ongoing classes, workshops (non-credit bearing, regularly offered, etc.), certificate programs and regular meetings
    • Volunteer requests
    • Invitation-only or private events
    • Advertisements for companies or products
    • Events NOT sponsored by a UNC center, college, department, institute, program, or a recognized student club or organization
    • Solicitations
    • Events that lack required information and don't properly identify the hosting unit by applying the appropriate Department filter
    • Events that lack appropriate sponsorship by a UNC entity or lack a clear connection to the University
    • Events that lack the approval of an appropriate University entity
    • Classes, department meetings, student organization meetings, and save the dates will not be displayed on the calendar
  • When will my event show up on the University Event Calendar?

    The University Event Calendar administrators review requests to promote events each weekday. Approved events will be posted to the calendar within 24-48 hours of submission during the week.

    If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, the administrator will contact the person who submitted the item and either indicate why the event cannot be posted or request more information.

  • How many events can I promote on the University Event Calendar?

    There are no restrictions on the number of events you may post on the calendar, as long as the content meets the above cited criteria.


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