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Priority 2: Strengthen Scholarship, Creative Works, Teaching, and Learning Through Responsive Collections

University Libraries is a responsible steward of our curriculum-focused collections. We work collaboratively to meet changing and emerging university needs.

Goal 1: Enrich collections to better meet the needs of and reflect our student body, researchers, and the wider community

  • Objective 1: Work with local communities to expand inclusive archival work and assist in curating collections (this objective is IN PROGRESS)
  • Objective 2: Develop best practices to communicate with and gather suggestions from faculty, staff, and students regarding University Libraries collections (this objective is COMPLETED)
  • Objective 3: Collect more books by and for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and other traditionally minoritized groups (this objective is IN PROGRESS)
  • Objective 4: Further automate book and media ordering processes (this objective is COMPLETED)

Goal 2: Analyze existing print and electronic collections

  • Objective 1: Create a working group to engage in evidence-based deselection of books, serials, and media (this objective is COMPLETED)
  • Objective 2: Review and adjust our current practices of data analysis for collection development, where needed (this objective is IN PROGRESS)
  • Objective 3: Evaluate work assignments to better support electronic collections (this objective is IN PROGRESS)
  • Objective 4: Assess the print and electronic collections to support the university goal of becoming an R2 institution* (implementation is ON HOLD until the new University Libraries dean is hired)

* R2 is a Carnegie classification for doctoral institutions with high research activity and $5 million dollars of total research expenditures

Goal 3: Enhance programming to support faculty and students understanding of current and evolving models of scholarly communication

  • Objective 1: Expand resources and programming to support faculty understanding and implementation of open education resources or zero textbook cost options (this objective is IN PROGRESS)
  • Objective 2: Create tools to assist faculty in finding and evaluating resources to design courses that have zero textbook costs (this objective is IN PROGRESS)
  • Objective 3: Maximize features of Digital UNC to enhance reach and impact of UNC’s research, scholarship, and creative works (this objective is COMPLETED)
  • Objective 4: Allocate resources to support open access publishing and open access advocacy (this objective is COMPLETED)

Goal 4: Enhance the use of university and libraries systems and software

  • Objective 1: Work within the Libraries and with campus units to harness the interoperability of systems and sharing of data between systems (this objective is COMPLETED)
  • Objective 2: Create a task force to evaluate currently available comprehensive library systems (ILS) (implementation is ON HOLD)