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University Libraries Strategic Plan 2021-2024


The global pandemic has impacted every area of our lives, and greatly impacted higher education. As we begin to define what normal looks like post-pandemic, the University Libraries is ready to help transform the lives of UNC students. Our new three-year strategic plan provides a clear focus on four broad priority areas to integrate us into the communities we serve and to strengthen our staff, collections, and spaces.

Strategic Priorities:

  1. Foster teaching and holistic programming to the campus and community
  2. Strengthen scholarship, creative works, teaching, and learning through responsive collections
  3. Develop and engage libraries employees as a community
  4. Transform libraries learning spaces and environments

Our first priority focuses on our teaching, communication, relationships, and partnerships with the university and Northern Colorado community. Our second priority recognizes that our collections, both physical and electronic, are constantly changing and responsive to university needs and focus areas. Our third priority recognizes the importance of our employees in everything we need and creating a supportive environment for professional development and growth. Finally, our fourth priority acknowledges the importance of our physical spaces and how we can continue to transform our spaces to meet the needs of our entire community.

This strategic plan is the result of a comprehensive process that began with a task force consisting of eight libraries employees, a faculty representative, a student representative, and a facilitator. Feedback was sought and incorporated throughout the process, first from libraries faculty and staff during the development phase and then from faculty, staff, and students across UNC after the four priorities were drafted. Our strategic plan complements the University’s Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 plan, and our vision of students first.

Jennifer Nutefall
Dean of Libraries

Thank you to the 2020-2021 Strategic Planning Task Force members:

Jayne Blodgett, Associate Dean of Libraries
Sarah Chase, Facilitator and Assistant Director of Human Resources
Rachel Dineen, Assistant Professor & Information Literacy Librarian
Cat Hildebrand, Collection Services Student Supervisor
Jen Leffler, Professor & Technical Services Manager
Deanne Meinke, Faculty representative, Professor, Audiology & Speech Language Sciences
Anne Myers, Assistant Professor & Music Librarian
Jennifer Nutefall, Dean of Libraries
Maggie Shawcross, Assistant Professor & Health Sciences Librarian
Katie Shull, Lecturer & Archivist
Karissa Terry, Student representative, Student Senate Director of Campus Relations

Strategic Priorities

Priority 1
Foster Teaching and Holistic Programming to the Campus and Community

University Libraries foster relationships and collaborate with partners across campus and the wider Northern Colorado community. Through these collaborations, we will support creativity, teaching, learning, equity, inclusion, and scholarship to promote individual and group successes.

Priority 2
Strengthen Scholarship, Creative Works, Teaching, and Learning Through Responsive Collections

University Libraries is a responsible steward of our curriculum-focused collections. We work collaboratively to meet changing and emerging university needs.

Priority 3
Develop and Engage Libraries Employees as a Community

University Libraries employees are indispensable and vital to our success. We strive to improve morale and retain employees by creating a place where people want to work.

Priority 4
Transform Libraries Learning Spaces and Environments

University Libraries strives to create and maintain learning spaces and environments that are physically and socially welcoming, accessible, and inclusive, in order to collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and the community.