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Mission, Vision, and Values


University Libraries partners with our Bears community through diverse collections, innovative services, and welcoming spaces to promote curiosity, learning, teaching, and engaged global citizenship.


As the heart of the UNC community, the Libraries will be vital partners in transforming the Lives of each of our students.


The following serve as the foundation and representation of our core values that define, inform, and guide every aspect of our professional practice.


We recognize the UNC Bears community as our primary focus and work to provide access to needed spaces and materials no matter the format or users’ location.   


We work in sustained and intentional partnerships across campus, as well as with regional and national organizations, to amplify the impact of our work and enhance our position on campus as a hub for scholarship, learning, and student success. 


We foster and encourage innovation by seeking new and better ways of working with the Bears community. We think creatively, embrace change, and encourage intellectual curiosity and experimentation as individuals and as a team. 

Professional Development and Growth

We regard Libraries employees and their expertise as critical to the university and support their professional development, academic freedom, and personal growth.  

Social Justice

We aspire to become a truly inclusive and equitable organization. We engage with the university community by sustaining diversity, creating inclusive spaces and experiences, removing barriers to learning, and confronting institutional bias and structural racism.  


We maintain and enhance our diverse and unique collections and spaces for future generations of scholars. We make the most efficient use of our resources and advocate for increased access to, creation of, and use of high-quality open access materials.