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Our Services

Instructional Design and Development (IDD) partners with faculty to design and develop courses and interactive resources using innovative technology to improve teaching, student engagement, and student learning. IDD offers a range of services from fully online instructional design and course development to faculty training.

IDD List of Core Services

  • Course analysis and design recommendations
  • Customized Online Classroom Template application
  • Customized Face-to-Face Classroom Template application
  • New online course design and development
  • Existing online course redesign and redevelopment
  • Face-to-face Canvas-based course design or redesign
  • Outcomes-based assignment, assessment, and activity design and development
  • Interactive learning resource and activity design and production
  • OER learning resource design, production, and integration
  • Graphic design and production for Canvas courses
  • Course video production (up to 4 hours of finished video for a fully online course in Canvas)
  • Instructor and course introduction video production
  • One-on-one consultation and training on teaching with online technology
  • ADA compliance checks
  • UNC online quality course and course component review
  • Honorlock implementation (exam security software available for fully online course)
  • Canvas LMS support for faculty
  • Teaching with technology and online teaching resources on demand

Our Team

Instructional Designers
Our Instructional Designers (IDs) collaborate with faculty content experts to create courses that meet quality standards, engage adult learners, and ensure accessibility. IDs assist faculty in aligning learning objectives with course content, activities, and assessments. When developing courses or course components, IDs will provide a Canvas prototype based on a course syllabus or other learning objectives. Throughout the process, they will provide any technical consultation and training that would be required to support teaching in the fully online course or with the online course component.

Course Developers
Our Course Developers (CDs) are expert educational technology and media professionals proficient in rapid course and course component development. They will collaborate with you to create media elements to support online course content presentation and interactivity, and they will build courses and course components into Canvas DEV shells.

LMS Support Technicians
Our LMS Support Technicians provide Canvas LMS support and training to faculty. They respond to faculty help tickets related to Canvas, addressing any questions, concerns, or issues about courses, or how to utilize Canvas for teaching purposes and preferences. Additionally, they create on-demand documentation, videos, and other training materials that provide faculty with 24/7 support.