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Graduate Career Ready with World Languages & Cultures

Put your degree in World Languages and Cultures to work pursuing a career that interests and challenges you. World Languages and Cultures majors acquire high-level communication skills and deep cultural understanding. World Languages and Cultures majors show deep cultural understanding and sensitivity vital across career fields and opportunities.  

World Languages and Cultures majors are educated beyond a narrow curriculum geared towards a specific job; instead, proficiency in one or more foreign languages is a useful skill in a wide range of careers. 

Explore the ways to use your World Languages & Cultures education during a career conversation with the Center for Career Readiness.

World Languages & Cultures at Work

UNC World Languages & Cultures graduates pursue careers in companies and organizations around the country. Among our alumni, you will see many working in these industries:

  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Government Administration
  • Hospital and Health Care
  • Individual and Family Services

UNC Alumni Careers

Using their World Languages and Cultures degree, UNC alumni go on to successful careers in a variety of interesting and in-demand professions. Learn more about the popular professions these and other alumni are pursuing.


While many alumni working in education-related roles may be teachers, several others use their degree and training in an educational services roles like instructional design.


Management and Operations

UNC alumni are prepared to serve in leadership and operational management roles within non profit organizations, educational institutions and private and publicly held companies.


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On Demand Resources and Support

Access recorded alumni career panels and LinkedIn tutorials to strengthen your network and professional connections to the UNC Bear Network.

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Alumni Spotlight

Bears Go Big

UNC Bears go out into the world to do BIG and significant work. Meet Flor Varela, B.A. Spanish, 2013, Greeley Central HS.

[The] connections that I get to make, that’s what I love about my job.

See other Bears going big.

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