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Information for Current and Prospective Students


 In addition to meeting with their advisor, students should review their four year plan and catalog entry for their program.

Placement Guidelines

Students planning to study Chinese, Japanese, or Spanish with previous experience or knowledge of their intended language of study should refer to the Placement Exam information here.  If you have questions on placement procedures or policy, please contact HSS.StudentSuccess@unco.edu.


Joining one of our clubs is a great opportunity to interact with classmates, native speakers and faculty from your program! Practice your language skills, have fun and celebrate culture with a variety of meetings and activities throughout the year. Clubs that our students join include: Chinese Culture Club, Japanese Culture and Anime Club and Japanese Language Club.

Study Abroad

To enhance acquisition of cultural and linguistic skills and to better prepare our students for their lives as global citizens, World Languages and Cultures offers a diverse range of exchange programs in China, Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, and France that provide any UNC student, including majors and minors, the opportunity to develop their linguistic and cultural expertise in the country of their choice. Students may study for a summer, a semester, or an academic year or may participate in one of the faculty-led-short-term study abroad programs. Some programs may be cheaper than a semester at UNC!


Proficiency in one or more foreign languages is a useful skill in a wide range of careers. We can break these down into what we might call “Language Specialists” and “Language Plus” career fields.