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About World Languages and Cultures

WLD Faculty in 2024

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World Languages and Cultures offers programs in Asian StudiesChineseJapanese, and Spanish. Foreign language students are actively involved in extracurricular activities sponsored by a variety of language and cultural clubs. Many of our students also take advantage of study abroad opportunities.

"The learning of languages other than English as vital to an understanding of the world . . . Anyone interested in the long-term vitality and security of the United States should recognize that it will be detrimental for Americans to remain overwhelmingly monolingual and ill-informed about other parts of this increasingly interdependent world."

–MLA Statement on Language Learning and United States National Policy (2013)

Offerings in Spanish, Chinese and Japanese

Students in Spanish, Chinese and Japanese enjoy relatively small classes with no more than 25 students in a section and can gain elementary through advanced level of proficiency. Language courses in Spanish, Chinese or Japanese can be supplemented with one of the many study-abroad and exchange programs to China, Japan, Spain, and Taiwan. While no major is presently available in either Chinese or Japanese, students can apply coursework in Chinese or Japanese towards the Asian Studies major, the Asian Studies minor, the Chinese minor, or the Japanese minor. Students can also participate in the many club activities and regular meetings for Chinese Culture Club, Japanese Culture and Anime Club or Japanese Language Club, that include celebrating traditional Asian holidays and festivals, immersion weekends and excursions to Asian markets, tea houses, museums, or restaurants. They can also join Sigma Delta Pi, the local chapter of the National Collegiate Hispanic Honorary Society.