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Faculty & Staff in Geography, GIS, and Sustainability


Full-Time Faculty


Part-Time Faculty

Richard Alper

Richard Alper

Adjunct, Environmental & Sustainability Studies


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Darci Hata

Darci Hata

Adjunct, Environmental & Sustainability Studies


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Evelyn  Knowles

Evelyn Knowles

Adjunct, Environmental & Sustainability Studies


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Emeritus Faculty

Environmental & Sustainability Studies Affiliate Faculty

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Interdisciplinary Scholarship

Dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to environmental scholarship, the Environmental and Sustainability Studies program at UNC aspires to the formation of a more ecologically sustainable society, both on our campus and around the world, through the education of effective local, national, and international environmental leaders. Our faculty contribute to the field of environmental and sustainability studies from a diverse background of interests and skills, with representation from many departments at UNC.