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Jieun Lee

Jieun Lee

Associate Professor

Geography, GIS, and Sustainability
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Contact Information

(970) 351-2259
Cand 2072
Office Hours
On sabbatical for Fall 2023 semester
Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado
Department of Geography & GIS
Campus Box 115
Greeley, CO 80639


Professional/Academic Experience

Prior to UNC, she taught at SUNY-Farmingdale and Hunter College in the New York City Metropolitan area, and New College of Florida in Sarasota, FL. 

Research/Areas of Interest

Her research focuses on urban sustainability, including built environments and spatial analysis with a special interest in social and health disparities, including gender and transportation. She is currently collaborating on projects in Detroit, NYC, Seoul, and Piura (in Peru).  She has been published in the Journal of Urban Design, Journal of Urban Affairs and recently, the Journal of Urban Studies. 

Publications/Creative Works

Lee, J., Vojnovic, I., Grady, S. C. (2018). "For low income minority women in Detroit, traveling to meet their family’s needs is a daily battle." The London School of Economics Urban Centre’s United States Politics and Policy.

Vojnovic, I., Kotval-K, Z., Lee, J., Eckert, J., Li, X., Chang, J. Forthcoming. “Building Cities to Promote Physical Activity: Considering Class, Race, Travel and Obesity” in D. Davies and H. Fitzgerald (Eds.) Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence: Medical, Biological, and Social Issues (2nd Edition). Westport: Praeger Press.

Lee, J., Vojnovic, I., Grady, S. C. (2017). "The ‘transportation disadvantaged’: Urban form, gender and automobile versus non-automobile travel in the Detroit region." Urban Studies.

Vojnovic, I., Kotval-K, Z., Lee, J., Ye, M., Ledoux, T., Varnakovida, P., Messina, J. (2014). Urban Built Environments, Accessibility, and Travel Behavior in a Declining Urban Core: The Extreme Conditions of Disinvestment and Suburbanization in the Detroit Region. Journal of Urban Affairs.

Vojnovic, I., Lee, J., Kotval-K, Z., Podagrosi, A., Varnakovida, P., Ledoux, T., Messina, J. (2013). The Burdens of Place: A Socio-economic and Ethnic/Racial Exploration into Urban Form, Accessibility and Travel Behaviour in the Lansing Capital Region, Michigan. Journal of Urban Design.

Vojnovic, I., Smith, S., Kotval, Z., and Lee, J. (2007). “Built Environments: Planning Cities to Encourage Physical Activity” in Dele Davies (Ed.) Obesity in Childhood and Adolescence: Medical, Biological, and Social Issues (Vol. 1). Westport: Praeger Press. Pp. 93-129.

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