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Undergraduate Programs

Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Environmental and Sustainability Studies is an interdisciplinary program spanning a broad range of disciplines, reflecting a wide array of approaches to analyzing complex problems in environmental studies and sustainability. Its focus on interconnected issues of sustainability can lead to, and complement, any number of career paths.

Geography & GIS

Geographic Information Science (GIS)

One of the fastest growing areas in geography, GIS is a system of computer hardware and software that stores, displays, analyzes, and maps geographic information. 

Community Development

One of the traditional applied areas in geography is planning the built environment. Professionals in this field help communities decide how their land should be used, from the design and layout of a new school to the layout of commercial buildings to the location of a new light rail system, power grid, or park.

Field Studies

Students in the Field Studies concentration will have educational experiences that link their theoretical classroom knowledge to the application of real-world problems in transformative ways. 

Regional Studies

Regional geography critically examines the relationships that geographic phenomena have within different regions. Those electing the Regional Studies Emphasis learn to recognize spatial problems that impact regions.