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Graduate Career Ready with Economics

Put your Economics degree to work pursuing a career that interests and challenges you. Economics majors acquire higher-level communication and critical thinking skills to present their work in a concise and accessible manner. Economics majors learn to research and contextualize information, producing sharp, insightful analyses and evidence-based conclusions.  

Economics majors show the kind of deep understanding of decision-making that is required for clear-sighted, problem-solving analyses of our past and present to create a better future. Perhaps most important of all, Economics majors are educated beyond a narrow curriculum geared towards a specific job; instead, they acquire the ability to remain intellectually flexible and to transfer their skills across career opportunities and environments. 

Explore the ways to use your Economics education during a career conversation with the Center for Career Readiness.

Economics at Work

UNC Economics graduates pursue careers in companies and organizations around the country. Among our alumni, you will see many working in these industries:

  • Banking
  • Government Administration
  • Investment Management

UNC Alumni Careers

Using their Economics degree, UNC alumni go on to successful careers in a variety of interesting and in-demand professions. Learn more about the popular professions these and other alumni are pursuing.

Management and Operations

UNC alumni are prepared to serve in leadership and operational management roles within non profit organizations, educational institutions and private and publicly held companies.


Sales & Related Occupations

Sales professions span all industries from retail to technology to real estate. Alumni sales professionals may serve as account managers buidling and supporting client relationships; attend sales and trade meetings to grow new business or launch products; or serve as licensed real estate and insurance agents.


Business and Financial

Alumni business and financial professionals account for several unique and interesting occupations that include accountants, financial analysts, human resources specialists, project managers, and marketing specialists.


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On Demand Resources and Support

Access recorded alumni career panels and LinkedIn tutorials to strengthen your network and professional connections to the UNC Bear Network.

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Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Mark Eisworth

Calm Water: UNC Magazine published a feature on Dr. Eisworth's work and research in environmental economics in the Fall 2018 edition. Check out the full article here.

Dr. Mark Eisworth
Professor of Economics

Economics Professor Mark Eiswerth seeks solutions to complex — and sometimes contentious — environmental issues by considering human values and motives. UNC Environmental Economics Professor Mark Eiswerth, Ph.D., is a fourth-generation Coloradan from a family that includes loggers and ranch cowboys (his grandfather was one of the first geophysicists in the West). As an economist and co-director of UNC’s Environmental and Sustainability Studies program, he’s acutely aware of how different values and interests affect quality of life and drive the economy. Questions raised by the topic of environmental economics, which Eiswerth defines as “the study of how environmental resources are — and should be — allocated among competing demands,” make for engaged discourse in his classroom. Eiswerth poses environmental conundrums and then gives his students free rein to dissect, discuss, explore and debate the options. 

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