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About Us

If you’re passionate about solving society’s most pressing problems, then consider studying Economics at UNC. We’ll help you build the foundation you need to look at issues such as poverty, unemployment and inflation from a logical, analytical angle.

Economics provides you with a framework that can enhance your understanding in fields such as political science, geography, anthropology and sociology. You’ll use traditional economic tools and concepts, as well as theories and quantitative analysis, to understand real-world problems.

Here at UNC, we aim to improve students’ economic literacy by providing courses that contribute to the Liberal Arts Core, Environmental Studies, Life of the Mind, International Studies, Social Sciences, Women’s Studies and the Honors Program.  We work to give Economics majors and minors a solid, balanced grounding in their studies.

In addition, the faculty and staff in the Department of Economics are involved with the outside community and provide services such as economic analysis, economic content training for teachers and scholarly contributions to the external academic community.