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Marie Livingston

Marie Livingston

Professor Emerita

College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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About Marie Livingston

Dr. Livingston earned a B.S. in Environmental Studies at Utah State University, an M.S. in Resource Economics from University of Arizona and a Ph.D. in Economics from Colorado State University. She has been a visiting professor at University of Minnesota, University of Frankfurt, Warsaw School of Economics, Humboldt University in Berlin and University of Madrid. During her career, Dr. Livingston has worked in private business, academia, and government. At UNC, Dr. Livingston taught water resource and environmental economics, international trade and finance, macroeconomics and political economy. Dr. Livingston has been recognized as a college scholar in Arts and Sciences and has an extensive publication record. Her research concerns water markets, institutional design, environmental policy in the U.S. and Europe, and international pollution problems. Dr. Livingston also served as the Director of UNC’s Honors Program as well as Director of the Life of the Mind program, UNC’s award winning interdisciplinary general education program. In addition to economics, she enjoys a wide variety of music, art, dance and literature.