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Your Impact

Thank you for making a difference at UNC

The impact of philanthropic investment is felt immediately in the construction of Campus Commons and long-term in the endowments to fund scholarships, faculty and research.

Without the UNC donor community, students and faculty could not realize the full potential and value of the UNC educational experience.  Thank you for sharing our vision through your generosity.

You Built Student Success

Drive by UNC's campus and you'll see the new Campus Commons. A development that you, our donor community made possible. Thank you to the individual and organizational donors who believe in building the future of student success at UNC.

Visit the Campus Commons

The Campus Commons is open for business! Find out more about the services and programs now located in the new building. Learn more about Campus Commons

Pride Points Fueled by Your Philanthropy

The impact of philanthropic gifts is felt and seen across campus - increasing access, ensuring affordability and enhancing excellence in all facets of campus life.

70 percent receive scholarships

75% of UNC students receive grants and scholarships

mortar board

34% of UNC students are first generation college students


UNC is a Carnegie Community Engagement University


UNC offers more than 500 opportunities for students to study abroad


UNC has 20 specialized centers or institutes that offer research and community support

research organization

200 research-in-the-public-interest organizations have provided funds or built collaborative partnerships with UNC


UNC faculty include 18 Fulbright Scholars


UNC is home to three initiatives that promote start up businesses and innovation


A single word for what UNC’s donor community has created since the start of the historic Campaign for UNC.

In 2018 alone, UNC donors created momentum by establishing a scholarship for veteran students, welcoming the inaugural Allen McConnell Endowed Chair in Accounting, plus crowdfunding for a number of student scholarships and student support services.

Thank you to the generous donors who created new opportunities for UNC students by supporting the Campaign for UNC.

Additional Impact Stories

You Support a Strong Student Experience

A journey An illustration of an open door.

Students come to UNC

to get training for a specific career, learn what interests them and to get a better job

Guidance post An illustration of signs pointing left and right on a post in the ground.

Students choose UNC because

of our academic reputation, the cost of attendance, our size, graduates get good jobs and our reputation for social activities

A journey An illustration of an open door.

Students' long-term goals include

to be well-off financially and help others who are in difficulty.

~From a survey of UNC students by the Office of Assessment

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of graduating seniors would recommend UNC

(and 90% feel satisfied with their overall college experience)