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General Counsel

  • Works closely with senior administrative staff and faculty, is a member of the President’s executive staff, and advises and counsels the University’s Board of Trustees regarding legal and operational issues;
  • Provides advice and counsel to executive staff, administrators and faculty concerning legal aspects of University activities and policies, with an emphasis on prevention of claims and litigation;
  • Oversees legal processes, including preparation and negotiation of University contracts;
  • Performs legal review, analysis and updates to University policies and procedures;
  • Supervises and assists outside counsel, including members of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, in the conduct of litigation involving the University; and
  • Designated as a Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Colorado.

Dan Satriana

The General Counsel does not provide personal legal representation to University faculty or employees on matters unrelated to their university duties. Student fees fund legal counsel for students in matters such as landlord-tenant issues and the Student Legal Counsel can be reached at 970-351-2871.

Director of Purchasing and Contracts, John Chaplain, and the Purchasing and Contract Specialist Neil Johnson also provide assistance in contract negotiation, preparation and execution.