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Student Mail

How to address mail & packages to a UNC Student 

Please do not put "UNC" or "University of Northern Colorado" or use the zip code “80639” on any student mail. These will re-direct the mail to the UNC main mailroom for faculty, staff and department mail, causing possible delivery delay of the students mail.

Please use the following format:
Student's first and last name
Dorm street address *(see below for dorm street address)
Dorm Name AND Room #
Greeley, CO 80631-XXXX *(see below for dorm zip code)

Belford Hall - 1902 9th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-5522
Bond Hall - 809 19th Street, Greeley, CO 80631-5570
Brown Hall - 901 19th Street, Greeley, CO 80631-5570
Decker Hall - 910 19th Street, Greeley, CO 80631-5522
Dickeson Hall - 819 19th Street, Greeley, CO 80631-5570
Gordon Hall - 1904 10th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-5522
Hansen-Willis Hall - 1929 10th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-5522
Harrison Hall - 1400 23rd Street, Greeley, CO 80631-6949
Lawrenson Hall - 2300 12th Avenue Court, Greeley, CO 80631-6946
Luján Hall - 829 19th Street, Greeley, CO 80631-5570
North Hall - 2253 11th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-6903
Sabin Hall - 1920 10th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-5522
Snyder Hall - 1910 10th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-5522
South Hall - 2323 11th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-6947
Turner Hall - 2310 13th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-6948
Wiebking Hall - 900 20th Street, Greeley, CO 80631-5569
Wilson Hall - 1927 9th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631-5570

 Where does student mail get delivered to?

  • All incoming student mail and packages are delivered by USPS, UPS and FedEx to the resident halls front desks directly. For dorms that do not have front desks, they are delivered to the designated drop off dorm.
  • If it is incorrectly addressed, it will be delivered to UNC Mail Services at Parsons Hall.
    • From there, all student mail for Belford, Gordon, Snyder, Sabin, Wilson, Hansen-Willis, Bond, Dickeson, Lujan, Wiebking, Brown & Decker Halls to Tobey Kendall Housing & Residental Education for sorting and delivery
    • For Lawrenson, Turner, Harrison, North and South Halls, we deliver to North Hall for sorting and delivery.

How will students be notified package is ready to be picked up?

  • UNC Resident Halls utilize a great package system for student mail. When a package is received, it is scanned into the tracking system and immediately the student is notified by email and/or text message that their package has arrived and where it is available to be picked up. This system will automatically send a reminder email and/or text message to students every three days until they pick up their package.
  • Please bring student ID to pick up packages.

Student has not received mail

  • Please check with student’s resident hall front desk.
  • The only time student mail comes to the main UNC Mailroom/Warehouse is if it is incorrectly addressed. In which case, Mail Services will deliver mismarked student mail to our designated drop off for each campus; Tobey Kendall for Central Campus or North for West Campus during the daily route.
  • Verify that those sending mail to student are addressing it correctly. See above “How to address mail and packages to UNC resident hall”

Student has not been notified of package arrival

  • Please check your email spam/junk mail folder.
  • While at any dorm front desk, ask to verify your student contact information and dorm location and desired notification method is up to date and accurate.
  • It is possible that while the carrier’s website shows your package has been delivered, it has not been logged into the Student Package Tracking system as ready to be picked up.

Student was told to pick up package at a different dorm than they live in

  • Instead of shuffling packages from dorm to dorm, UNC is having students pick up packages where they are delivered by the major carriers to prevent any package losses or damage.
  • While at any dorm front desk, ask to verify your student contact information and dorm location and desired notification method is up to date and accurate.

Student does not live in the dorms anymore, but accidentally had a package sent to old dorm address.

  • UNC Mail Services and UNC Resident dorms DO NOT hold mail for previous students or previous dorm residents. All mail that is addressed to students that no longer live in the dorms will be RETURNED TO SENDER.

Help Find a Package

Still need help finding your package?

Please call the Mailroom 970-351-2026 (Mon-Fri 7am-4pm) or Warehouse 970-381-2250 (Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm) and have as much of the following information ready:

  • Name
  • Tracking #
  • Carrier
  • Expected delivery date
  • Dorm