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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

About UNC Mail Services

Mail Services is responsible of preparing and handling incoming, outgoing, and inter-campus mail for the faculty, staff and departments of the University of Northern Colorado. All student mail is currently delivered directly to the dorms by carrier.

For all general inquiries please email mail.services@unco.edu or warehouse.contacts@unco.edu respectively to insure your request is seen by all staff.

  •  Mail Services sells stamps!  (We accept cash, check & EIO)
  • Inter-campus envelopes (large and small), tubs and trays for mailings, customs forms, Certified Mail and Return Request Form can provide them upon request.
  • We have an assortment of USPS & FEDEX boxes and envelopes.
  • We would LOVE take your excess of rubber bands…they will be put to good use!Mail Hold/Alternate Delivery/Moving Offices
    • Know when your dept will be closed or when you are moving offices on campus?
    • Give us a call or email and we will make sure to hold or deliver your mail to desired location!
  • Mail Codes
    • In a nutshell, a Mail Code is a reference number the mailroom uses to charge a departments postage account.
    • Need to know your dept mail code or set one up for your department to be able to start sending mail?  We are able to set up the zipcode extension code to get your department mailing!
    • List of MAIL CODES
  • Mail Consultation
    • Have a mailing you’re planning to send out, but not sure if it meets USPS mailing standards or what kind of mail it qualifies for? Send a preview to mail.services@unco.edu and we will verify and/or give you suggestions to make sure your piece goes through quickly and smoothly!