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Rental Rates

Current rental rates (as of June 16, 2023) are as follows (no show's and late returns are subject to minimum 1/2 day rental rate charge for the the type of vehicle reserved) 

The recent impact in fuel prices, as well as global uncertainty about supply chain constraints and COVID-19 resilience, continue to impact mileage rates. The mileage rate is based on fuel, maintenance costs, and accident fund needs. State Fleet Management will be monitoring market trends.

Charges include a daily rate or weekly rate (5, 6, or 7 consecutive days constitutes one week) and a mileage rate. The daily rate covers the loan obligation for the vehicle, and the mileage rate includes fuel, maintenance, and accident / insurance fund.

Sedan Rates
Daily $30.00
Weekly $150.00
Mileage Charge $0.35/mile


7-Passenger Van Rates
Daily $50.00
Weekly $250.00
Mileage Charge $0.63/mile

15-Passenger Van Rates
Daily $75.00
Weekly $375.00
Mileage Charge $0.65/mile

Note:   15-Passenger Van Orientation is required.