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Transportation Policies and Procedures

A university-owned (state) vehicle may be used only for official University business. Since anyone using a state vehicle is highly visible to the general public, vehicles should be driven responsibly and in a manner that will not bring discredit to the University or to the State of Colorado. Drivers of state vehicles are subject to all traffic laws and regulations established by the local jurisdictions through which they travel, and are accountable for any parking or moving violations received.

Only University or State employees may drive state vehicles. This includes Faculty, Staff, and Students, provided they are acting within the scope of their duties. All drivers must have a current drivers license, which may be subject to verification. Vehicles may not be used for personal business or pleasure under any circumstances. Additionally, friends and/or family members (e.g. spouse, children) may not ride in state vehicles unless they are University employees acting within the scope of their duties. Pets are not permitted in state vehicles.

All occupants, including the driver, must wear seat belts. Persons driving state vehicles must not consume alcoholic beverages or other illegal substances before or while driving. Smoking is not allowed in any state vehicle at any time.