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Registered Student Organization Funding

Fall 2023 Funding Application

Event Funding Form

  • To use OSO event funding, RSOs must submit this online application through UNC’s Engage platform, BearConnect. See more information on OSO's event funding below.

The Office of Student Organizations (OSO) offers many financial resources to help Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) host events for UNC students.

  • To access funds, the student must be a Financial Authority. Advisors are not allowed to request or access OSO funds. Please see more information below on Financial Authorities.
  • In addition to applying for event funding through the Office of Student Orgs, clubs also have a club bank account through the Student Club Business Services. To deposit funds (such as dues or fundraising profits) or to manage your account, contact them by clicking the button below.

Contact Student Club Business Services

Student Club Business Services
Location: University Center, 2nd Floor, next to Card Office

Funding Process Guidelines

The application for funding is available online through UNC’s Engage platform, BearConnect. Once you log into BearConnect with your employee/student credentials, click the "Forms" tab on the left, and the form will be listed.

  • It is open throughout the semester on a rolling approval schedule from August 1-April 15.  
    • Funding Period 1 is August-October 2023
    • Funding Period 2 is November-December 2023
    • Funding Period 3 is January-March 2024
    • Funding Period 4 is April-May 2024
  • All funding applications will be reviewed using viewpoint neutral criteria 
  • All funding is awarded on a first come, first served basis to eligible organizations. (See below)  
  • Funding can only be used for events occurring within the same semesterof the award being granted.  
  • If requesting funding for multiple events, RSOs must submit a separate funding request for each event. 
  • All RSOs who submit a funding request application through BearConnect are required to meet with the OSO coordinator before funding is officially granted.

Eligibility and Conditions of Use

To be eligible for event funding from the Office of Student Organizations, RSOs must meet the following criteria:   

  1. Be in good financial standing as determined by Student Club Business Services.
  2. Be designated as an “Active” RSO by the Office of Student Organizations.
  3. Have no outstanding forms or training requirements on BearConnect.

As event funding comes from student fees, event funding is intended for events that are welcoming of all students and benefit the UNC student body.  

As such, RSOs who utilize this funding must meet the following conditions: 

  • The event must be primarily for UNC students.  
  • The event must be open to all UNC students and free for UNC students to attend. 
  • The event must be advertised to the entire UNC student body (BearConnect, UNC Calendar, flyers, etc.). 
  • Event advertising must include the following statement: “Any person requesting disability accommodations for this event, please contact (970)351-2289 at least 3 business days in advance.” 
  • The application for funding must be submitted at least 2-3 weeks prior to the event date. 
    • 3 weeks is required for funding requests more than $500

Funding Request Limitations

The following cannot be funded by the Office of Student Organizations:

  1. Events that are not open to all UNC students.
    • Private receptions/parties.
  2. Events that charge for admission, activities, or food.
  3. Requests submitted less than two weeks before the event date, or less than 1 week before the event date during the month of August.
  4. Regular RSO meetings.
  5. RSO recognition events/celebrations.
  6. Marketing costs that exceed 10% of total event budget.
  7. Overnight, lodging, and travel costs such as flights, Airbnb, hotels, etc.
  8. Food requests that exceed $15 per meal per person.
  9. Food for any regularly scheduled organizational meeting.
  10. Payment to speakers/performers/guests/third parties who do not demonstrate expertise relevant to the event content.
  11. Payment to speakers/performers/guests/third parties who do not have a university contract in place.
  12. Direct contributions to charitable organizations or agencies (a service or product must be rendered for all monies disseminated).
  13. Funding for travel to conferences/events/retreats longer than 1 day and over 70 miles away.
    • Day trips to any conferences in Denver is acceptable with enough planning.
  14. Registration fees for conferences/associations/memberships.
  15. Alcohol or drug/substance purchases.
  16. Salaries, stipends, or scholarships for elected or appointed student organization officers/advisors/members.
  17. Personalized gifts for members of the organization.
  18. Programs or activities which produce academic credits to attendees.
  19. Custom t-shirts, apparel, spirit wear, or uniforms.
  20. Equipment purchases that require storage.
    • All equipment purchases require approval from OSO.
  21. Furniture purchases for performance sets or meeting spaces.
  22. Gift cards.
  23. Prizes, giveaways, raffles, auctions.

Student Club Business Services and Financial Authorities

RSOs may only use allocated funding for expenses related to their event and must follow all Student Club Business Services procedures. The Student Club Business Services requires that: 

  • Only individuals who are Financial Authorities may initiate financial transactions. 
  • RSOs must fill out a Work Copy Form detailing where purchases will be made before spending event funds. (Note, this applies to OSO event funds and the RSO’s individual fundraised funds) .
  • RSOs must get advance approval for reimbursement from OSO. 
  • Reimbursements for event funding costs will only be approved if they are outlined in the initial funding application. 
  • Purchases of services or goods may not exceed the total amount awarded by OSO.  
  • Deficit spending will not be covered by OSO or UNC; RSOs are responsible for deficit costs. 
  • All contracting or payment of speakers/guests must be processed in advance with the Student Club Business Services or OSO. 

 Any financial transactions conducted in a manner that does not follow these procedures will be considered personal transactions. This means that the individual who initiated the transaction will have to cover the costs in full.  

The Financial Authority for registered student organizations is the club treasurer who is granted certain privileges at the Student Club Business Services. Only Financial Authorities are able to request OSO event funding, check out a PCard, spend money, and manage finances through the Student Club Business Services. Each RSO can have up to four Financial Authorities. There are other recommendations for Financial Authorities offered in semesterly trainings.

  • Please reach out to studentorgs@unco.edu to become a Financial Authority
  • Financial Authority Trainings are offered at the beginning of every semester and are announced via the OSO Weekly Newsletter.