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Event Funding

All active Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are eligible to apply for event funding from the Office of Student Organizations. Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis and the funding application will close after all funding for the period has been awarded.

Funding will only be awarded for events that are not-for-profit, open to all UNC students, and free for UNC student to attend.

For more information, please review the RSO Event Funding Policy.

Fall 2021 Funding Open


If you would like to host a closed event or raise money to cover operating costs for your RSO, consider hosting a fundraiser. The OSO Fundraising Guide has lots of great ideas to get you started!

Our staff are happy to meet with you to discuss fundraising and help you get started. To scheduling a fundraising consultation, send us an email.

Funding FAQs

For more information about applying for event funding, please review the answers to frequently asked questions below. You can view the full funding policy here.

  • What are the funding period dates?

    Funding Period 1 covers Fall semester. Funding Period 2 covers Spring Semester. The funding application for each semester will open at least 3 days prior to the start of the semester.

  • What's the deadline to apply for funding?

    Applications must be submitted 3 weeks before your event date. All funding is awarded on a first-come first served basis. This means that once all funding is awarded, the funding application will be closed until the following semester.

  • When can I submit a funding application?

    You may submit your application at the beginning of the semester. You may only submit requests for events that will be in the current funding period. For example, if you are hosting an event in March you would be able to submit the funding application as soon a Funding Period 2 opens in January.

  • Can RSOs get funding to cover regular operational costs?

    No. At UNC, RSOs are responsible for generating their own revenue. Things like food for group meetings, member t-shirts, travel to conferences, or member recognition events are considered "regular operational expenses" and must be covered by the RSO. If you would like to make purchases for regular RSO business, consider collecting dues from members or hosting a fundraiser.

  • What are the marketing requirements?

    In order to use RSO Event Funding, your event must be publicized in our newsletter. Marketing materials for the event must contain the follow accessibility statement:

    “Any person requesting disability accommodations for an event, please contact 970-351- 2289 at least 3 business days in advance.”

  • Who is eligible for event funding? 

    In order to be eligible for event funding from the Office of Student Organizations, groups must meet the following criteria: 

    • Be an RSO with active status.

    • Have a good financial history as determined by the Student RSO Business Office.

    • The event must be non-profit in nature and free for students to attend.

  • How can my RSO apply for funding?

    All RSOs must submit an online Funding Request form. This form can be found on the right side of this webpage in the blue box that says “Apply for Funding.” Requests must be submitted at least 21 calendar days prior to the event date. RSOs may not request funds for operational budgets or regular RSO meetings.

    If the funding period has closed or all funds for the period have been awarded, then RSOs must wait until the next funding period opens to submit their request.

  • What information is required on the Funding Request Form?

    On the Funding Request Form, RSOs are asked to provide the following information:

    • Description of the event

    • Description of how the event will benefit the RSO, UNC students, and the UNC community

    • Detailed estimate and description of all event expenses

    • Event details (date, time, location)

    • Marketing plan

    • If your event has a co-sponsor, you will be asked to provide information about the co-sponsoring group

  • How much funding can an RSO get?

    Total funding from the Office of Student Organizations for each RSO’s events may not exceed $5,000 for the academic year. RSOs may not be awarded more than $1000 of Regular Funding and $500 of Match Funding per funding period.

  • What happens after an RSO submits a funding request?

    After you submit your request, the Office of Student Organizations will review it within 5 business days. If the event meets the funding criteria, the RSO will be invited via e-mail to attend a Funding Board meeting. At least one member of your RSO must attend the meeting and be prepared to answer questions about the proposed event. Funding meetings are held at least twice weekly in the Office of Student Organizations.

    After the meeting, the Office will send a formal notification via email letting the RSO know whether or not they have been awarded funding. If a new budget is decided upon during the funding meeting, the office will note these adjustments in the funding notification email.

  • What’s the difference between Regular and Match Funding?
    • Regular Funding is funding awarded for eligible event funding requests up to $1,000.

    • Match Funding is a supplemental award available on top of Regular Funding. RSOs may request up to $500 of Match Funding each funding period. To be eligible for Match Funding, the RSO must demonstrate that they can “match” the amount provided by utilizing the balance of their RSO’s account or through documented co-sponsorship. Documented co-sponsorship may include a pledge of financial support from a campus department, local or national business, or a regional or national chapter of the RSO.

  • Can my RSO apply for funding for more than one event?

     Yes. If your RSO is planning to host multiple events, you can submit multiple funding requests.

  • How does an RSO use event funding after it is awarded?

    All event funding is administered through the Student Club Business Office on the second floor of the University Center (next to ID services.) At the Business Office, RSOs may check out a credit card to purchase event supplies or request a check,  Electronic Internal Order, or reimbursement to pay for event expenses.

  • What does my RSO have to do after our event?

    RSOs are required to submit a follow-up form within 14 days of the event. Make sure to keep documentation of all event costs! Email the Office of Student Organizations for questions or how to submit a form at studentorgs@unco.edu.

  • What happens if our event is canceled?

    If your event is canceled please notify the Office of Student Organizations immediately.