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Financial Assistance

Teaching Assistantships

The School of Psychological Sciences has a limited number of teaching assistantships that are sometimes assigned to advanced doctoral students in school psychology. These regularly budgeted positions are for nine months, carrying a teaching responsibility of three to six credits each semester. A limited number of summer assignments are available. Additional positions are occasionally available on a one-semester basis.

Limited teaching assistantships are also periodically available through the School Psychology External Degree Program in Denver. These assistantships involve assisting faculty in the teaching of assessment and other courses.

Research Assistantships

The programs in School Psychology are typically able to offer a full- or part-time graduate assistantship to each incoming doctoral student, as well as to a limited number of incoming Ed.S. students. Students assist faculty with research and receive a waiver of tuition (based on full or part time position), and a stipend. Additional assistantships are often available through contract and grant projects in other units of the University.


Various scholarships may be available to students by completing the Universal Scholarship Application. Other opportunities include Graduate Dean's Scholarships and diversity scholarships.

Other Opportunities

Other opportunities may be available. For example, the Graduate Student Association offers travel awards for students making presentations at professional conferences.