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UNC is thrilled to announce that we have some additional spots available for our Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) program. These positions have come open as we have received two grants worth $5,000,000 to support our program and to provide tuition funding and stipends for Ed.S. students. If you are interested in applying for the Fall, 2023 semester, please reach out to Dr. David Hulac. Additionally, please reach out with any questions or if you are interested in meeting to learn more. We look forward to your interest!

The Science and Practice of School Psychology

UNC’s Programs in School Psychology focus on the science and practice of school psychology, training students to be consumers and producers of psychological research, and to apply such research to the practice of psychology in schools and related settings.

Our faculty believe in the importance of science informing practice and vice versa. We stress the importance of an evidence base for psychological practices, as well as measurement of outcomes in all aspects of practice. 

News and Announcements

Join us in congratulating Dr. Robyn Hess for being nominated as the president-elect for American Psychological Association Division 16: School Psychology!

Recent Dissertations

  • Negative Memory Bias and the Impact of Childhood Trauma - Elizabeth Shmikler

  • Anne Boris, “Stealth Dyslexia: Cognitive and Achievement Profiles of Gifted Students with Dyslexia.”

  • Angelica Kim “Enhancing Perspective-Taking Skills in Youth with Autism”

  • Miranda Martino “Entre dos Mundos: Understanding the Experiences of Latinx Adolescent Language Brokers


The Department of School Psychology offers Ph.D. and Ed.S. degrees. Students in the Ph.D. program also complete an M.A. in Foundations of Professional Psychology en route to the Ph.D. The Ed.S. program is offered with an optional emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which includes a course sequence accredited by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB©). Students in the Ph.D. program may also choose to complete the ABA course sequence.

Because of the program’s unique setting in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, students have the opportunity to work closely with Counseling Psychology, Counselor Education and Supervision, Psychology, Educational Psychology and Special Education faculty. UNC is the primary training institution for educators in Colorado, and houses numerous educational support facilities as well as faculty with a variety of skills.