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Ph.D. Program Aims and Competencies

Coursework and field experiences within the doctoral program in School Psychology are designed to assist students in developing the appropriate knowledge and skills to meet the profession-wide competencies shown below. Evaluation of students throughout the program ensures that upon graduation, students have attained these competencies.    

Program Aim

The aim of this doctoral program is to develop health service providers in the practice area of school psychology who are able to apply, through careers in research and practice, psychological and educational principles to improve the psychosocial environments of children (ages birth-21) and their families.                     

Profession-Wide Competencies and Elements          

  • Element 1: Student demonstrates the ability to conduct research and engage in other scholarly activities.
  • Element 2: Student demonstrates the ability to use knowledge of research and statistics to critique research.
  • Element 3: Student evaluates and disseminates research through publication/presentation.