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Group Therapy

How often have you asked someone how they are, only to hear that they are "good" or "fine"? Does it leave you wondering if you are the only one struggling? Group is a place where individuals can talk openly and honestly in a confidential space,  with others with whom they can relate. Every group is unique, with some focused on interpersonal struggles, some on academic and college issues, and others covering a range of issues for individuals in the group.

Group therapy appointments range from 50-80 minutes per session. Clients are placed into groups that meet at the same time every week, usually about 8-12 times in the semester. Group therapy is free and, depending on the semester, may be open to students or community members. Before individuals are scheduled for a group, they must attend a 20 minute group evaluation appointment to speak with the counselors-in-training who are running the groups. These appointments usually occur in the first few weeks of the semester and can be scheduled by the PSC office staff at 970-351-1645, following a brief telephone intake.