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Molly Jameson

Molly Jameson

Associate Professor

Psychological Sciences
Education and Behavioral Sciences

Contact Information

McKee Hall 15C
Mailing Address
University of Northern Colorado
Psychological Sciences
Campus Box 94
Greeley, CO 80639


Ph.D. - Ball State University, Indiana, USA

M.S. - Ball State University, Indiana, USA

B.A. (Hons) - Indiana State University, Indiana, USA

Professional/Academic Experience

Molly Jameson joined the University of Northern Colorado in 2015. After earning her Ph.D., she accepted a position in northeast Ohio, where she worked for five years, earning tenure and promotion while there. However, she desired to be in a position where quality teaching, mentorship, and scholarship were valued, and she left her position for the current one at UNC. She has held several leadership positions throughout her career, including Departmental Assessment Coordinator, Faculty Senator, College Assessment Chair, and Faculty Assessment Fellow.

Dr. Jameson is internationally known for her original research on the study of math anxiety in elementary students and adult learners. She published the first developmentally-appropriate scale to assess math anxiety in primary grades students, has presented at national and international conferences, and regularly assists teachers and parents of highly math anxious students in ways to improve their students’ math performance and confidence. Her research was recently featured in Education Week, and her scale is in use at several public elementary schools in the U.S.

Dr. Jameson is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Education Research Association, Association for Psychological Science, Society for the Teaching of Psychology, and European Society for Cognitive Psychology. She is a member of the editorial review boards for the journals Psychology in the Schools, The Teacher Educator, and Educational Psychology.

Research/Areas of Interest

Dr. Jameson has taught a range of undergraduate and graduate classes, including Educational Psychology for Elementary Teachers, Principles of Learning, Tests and Measurement, Educational Assessment, and Cognition & Instruction. She has also taught varied seminar courses on topics such as Social/Emotional Learning, Language of Anxiety, and Personality Theories and Learning.

Her research focuses on understanding the development of math anxiety in two groups of students at opposite ends of the educational spectrum: primary grades students and adult learners. Dr. Jameson’s research focuses on exploring several specific components of math anxiety within these populations:

Publications/Creative Works

Allen, M.T., Jameson, M.M., & Myers, C.E. (In press). Beyond behavioral inhibition: A computer avatar task designed to assess behavioral inhibition extends to harm avoidance. Frontiers in Psychology: Personality and Social Psychology.

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