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Graduate assistantships at UNC may include partial to full tuition coverage and/or a stipend- the amount of each is dependent upon the number of hours worked as per contract and varies by hiring unit.

Field experiences and internships may be unpaid or paid experiential learning positions at UNC and other institutions across the US. Students can earn HESAL academic credit for up to 6 credits, with 3 of those as part of the required MA curriculum.

 Please refer to the graduate school GA website for any current postings.


These are the Graduate Assistant hiring units that participated in Interview Days 2020. You can check the Graduate School site for active Graduate Assistantships with the university.

*Indicate assistantships that are still pending job descriptions

Internship Positions

These are the units that participated in Interview Days 2020. The positions may be available for continuing students in fall, spring, and summer semesters at the discretion of the supervising units.


Universal Scholarship Application 

All admitted HESAL students should fill out a UNC Universal Scholarship Application to be considered for scholarships and fellowships. Once the application is submitted students will be considered on an annual basis if they meet the minimum qualifications. The application is available through Ursa on the “Financial” tab. You must have a Bear number in order to apply.

HESAL Specific Scholarships

  • Dr. Jack Shaw Fund in College Student Personnel Administration: Open to all HESAL students.
  • Bernie Kinnick Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership Award: for HESAL Ph.D. students gathering and or analyzing data for their dissertation; shall have approval or doctoral committee to proceed with the topic for the dissertation.   
  • Cosmo F. & Antoinette V. Guido Research Scholarship in Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership: for HESAL Ph. D. students conducting research on issues related to diversity and social justice prior to the comprehensive exam.  
  • Ted Oppelt Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership Award: for HESAL Ph.D. students with 3.5+ GPA; enrolled in six (6) or more credit hours per semester.