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2019 Summit- Save the date!

On the Move: Supporting the Transition Process for Children and Families With Dr. Beth Rous 

Keystone, Colorado June 20 –21, 2019 

 Young children encounter numerous transitions as they move between multiple environments and programs. For young children with and without disabilities, positive outcomes depend on smooth, effective transitions. In this session, Dr. Beth Rous will guide professionals across the early childhood sector to work together to make these transitions happen. Dr. Rous will share research-informed and field-tested practices and strategies to help improve the transition experiences of children and families and the professionals who serve them 

 Registration** (includes breakfast, lunch, and internet both days): Full 2 day conference - $140.00 

Limited scholarships available. 

Registration begins April 1, 2019 and ends by May 1, 2019. 

Please see the following flyer for more information and how to register:

2019 Early Childhood Summit

2019 Summit Registration Form

The yearly Early Childhood Summit is organized by Bresnahan-Halstead Center, University of Northern Colorado in partnership with Preschool and Early Childhood Professional Development Teams, Office of P-3, Colorado Department of Education; Early Intervention Colorado, Office of Early Childhood, CDHS; Head Start Collaboration Office, CDHS; and Center for Early Childhood and Family Studies, UNC. 

Outdoor view of Keystone, CO