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About the Center

The interdisciplinary Center will support positive and equitable outcomes for all young children and their families.

Vision and Objectives

The Center strives to foster transformative experiences for young children and their families.

  1. Promote excellence in early childhood instruction, practice, research, and policy through targeted and meaningful partnerships and high quality research and policy recommendations.
  2. Provide goal-oriented and impactful professional development for early childhood professionals at both pre-service and in-service levels.
  3. Explore, promote, and disseminate innovative ideas in early childhood and family studies instruction.
  4. Facilitate and encourage dialogue among educational and non-educational entities regarding common needs of young children, their families, and professionals working with them.
  5. Initiate, facilitate, and provide opportunities and information for university faculty in instructional strategies and techniques through sponsored seminars, brown-bag lunch discussions, in-service workshops and seminars.
  6. Support faculty in obtaining grant support for projects related to the mission of the Center.
  7. Provide service and outreach to diverse stakeholders such as early childhood professionals, administrators, related service providers, and faculty, staff, and students in higher education.