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Preparing Leaders in Counselor Education

UNC’s Counselor Education and Supervision Ph.D. program prepares individuals for employment as counselor educators and supervisors for colleges and universities offering training in school counseling, clinical counseling, couples and family counseling/therapy, counseling with children and adolescents, and gerontology. Graduates are also qualified for licensure as professional counselors and may be employed in such sites as community agencies, schools, counseling centers, employee assistance programs, and private practice.          

It is the mission of the Counselor Education and Supervision doctoral program faculty to prepare individuals for the wide-ranging roles and responsibilities of counselor educators and supervisors. The program faculty strive to prepare students to respond to the diverse needs of society through a social justice perspective. Program faculty endeavor to provide for a depth and breadth of learning across all areas of counselor education, including counseling, supervision, scholarship, teaching, leadership, and advocacy. The program faculty aim to create an engaging and challenging learning environment while meeting individual students’ professional goals and aspirations. By fostering self-discovery and awareness, the program faculty strive to honor students’ unique contributions to the learning community while enriching student/faculty mentoring and collegial relationships through applied pedagogy, professional practice opportunities, and scholarly dialogue.