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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Spring 2021 Online Fees 

Dear Bears, 

As UNC has worked to pivot and respond to the rapidly changing impacts of COVID-19, we have endeavored to make sure our students do not bear the burden of addressing those changes. Prior to the start of the 2020-21 academic year, UNC made the decision not to charge online fees for courses that changed from in person to online as a result of COVID-19 health and safety protocols. 

While tabulating our spring semester census numbers, such as total number of students, courses, and financial data, it was discovered that some students were erroneously charged online fees for spring 2021 courses that were changed from in person to online due to COVID-19.  

The online course fee is $15 per credit hourStudents who are impacted will receive a credit to their student account. This fee should not have been applied to courses that were originally scheduled as in-person courses and suddenly shifted to remote delivery because of COVID-19.  

This error occurred only for the spring 2021 semester. Students affected will receive an email from the Bursar’s Office within the next 24 hours, and accounts will be credited as early as this week. Students taking courses that were originally scheduled to be delivered online will not receive an account credit. 

It is our intention to be as transparent and fair as possible as we navigate the constantly changing landscape due to the pandemic. We are working diligently to ensure unintentional charges are credited quickly to those impacted students.

If you have billing questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Bursar’s Office at 970-351-4UNC (4862) or by email at bursar@unco.edu. 


Mark R. Anderson
Provost and Senior Vice President
Academic Affairs 

Michelle Quinn
Senior Vice President
Finance and Administration 

View List of Impacted Courses


For More Info

If you have questions about billing or receiving your credit(s), contact the Bursars Office at bursar@unco.edu or call 970-351-4862

If you have questions about why certain courses were moved from in person to online due to COVID-19, please contact the faculty member who teachers the course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was I unintentionally charged online fees? 

    While finalizing the UNC spring 2021 census numbers after spring semester began, the university discovered that some students were unintentionally charged online fees when they registered for spring 2021 courses that shifted from in person to online due to COVID-19 protocols.    
    The online course fee is $15 per credit hour. This fee should not have been applied to courses that were originally scheduled as in-person courses and suddenly shifted to remote delivery because of COVID-19. Students who have courses that were originally planned to be online will not receive bill credits as those were courses that did not change due to COVID-19 protocols. 
    This error occurred only for the spring 2021 semester. Students impacted will receive an email from the Bursar’s Office within the next 24 hours and start to see credits to their accounts as early as this week.
    It is our intention to be as transparent and fair as possible as we work to navigate the constantly changing landscape due to the pandemic. UNC is working diligently to ensure that unintentional charges are credited quickly to those impacted students. 

  • How much credit will I receive and by when? 

    If you have any outstanding charges, then any received credits will be applied to those charges within your account.  

    Online courses charge an online fee of $15 per credit hour. For example, an online course that has 3.0 credit hours would have a total online fee of $45. Depending on the number of impacted courses you’re registered for this spring semester, you will see a credit to your student account from the minimum amount of $15 to the maximum amount of $315. 

    Credits are being added to student accounts as early as Feb. 3 but may be posted throughout the next week.

  • How will I receive the credit?

    The fee will show up on your student account as a negative amount in the charge column with a description of “Online Course Fee GR” for graduate students or “Online Course Fee UG for undergraduate students. The credit will show up with a positive amount in the “Charge” column with a description of “A/R Refund to Student;” if there’s no outstanding balance on your student account, then you will receive a credit for the online fees.

    Below is an example of what you can expect to see in your student account in Ursa:
    example of student refunds

    If you don’t have a direct deposit set up, then you’ll be mailed a check instead. Due to public health guidelines, UNC can’t distribute refunds in person. Direct deposit accounts must be activated prior to your refund being processed, otherwise, a paper check will be generated and mailed. Please verify that your local mailing address is correct in Ursa as that listed address will be where UNC will mail your check.

    To review your listed address, visit ursa.unco.edu and use these instructions (PDF) to view and/or change your address.

  • Where can I see the list of impacted courses?

    Here’s a list of those courses that were shifted from in person to online due to COVID-19 and unintentionally charged students the online fee:

    View List of Courses

  • I am in a course that I think is online because of COVID-19, but I’m not getting a refund for those fees, and it’s not on the list of courses provided. What should I do? 

    It is likely that your course was originally scheduled to be taught online, which is subject to a regular online course fee. If you are uncertain, please reach out to the faculty member who teaches the course.

  • Why was my course not included? 

    If your course wasn’t included, it may have been originally scheduled to be delivered online, which is subject to a regular online course fee. If you’re uncertain, please reach out to the faculty member who teaches the course.

  • Did this error occur in previous semesters?  

    No, the unintentional charge occurred only for the spring 2021 semester and only for those courses that shifted from in person to online due to COVID-19.

  • How was this communicated to campus?  

    On Feb. 3, an email was sent to campus from the provost and the senior vice president for Finance and Administration. Students who were impacted will receive a follow-up email from the Bursar’s Office with additional details.