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Sustainable Transportation

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Campus Recreation has a fleet of 100 cruiser bicycles and 20 Mountain Bikes, designed unique to UNC. All bikes come with a helmet and lock, as well as the option to use a front-mounted basket.

Bicycle use is also facilitated and encouraged by five bike repair stations available at locations across campus.

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Bear Bus

Choose a bus route to fit your needs, including the Boomerang bus, which runs on weekdays from 10th Ave in front of Gunter Hall to just west of Michener Library. The Bear Bus requires much less energy per person than single occupancy automobiles.

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Parking for hybrid/flex fuel vehicles

As part of the Butler Hancock L.E.E.D. project, several reserved parking spaces were identified for use by alternative fueled vehicles.

Learn more about parking.

Campus Fleet Efficiency & Petroleum Consumption


UNC has purchased four hybrid vehicles. Two in Facilities Management, one for UNCPD and one assigned to the rental fleet.


The UNC fleet includes 30 alternative fuel vehicles capable of using E85.


Grounds, Athletics and IT use several gator and golf cart type vehicles on campus.


Grounds is investigating the use of biodiesel for their mowers and other equipment.