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Recycling on campus has grown steadily. Last year, approximately 450,000 pounds of materials were collected. The program has one full time employee and several student employees.

  • Surplus pallets from the warehouse are collected and recycled by a local pallet company.
  • Campus events incorporated recycling beginning in 2011.
  • UNC is assessing the costs and benefits of converting to a single-stream recycling program.

Campus Surplus Program

The UNC Campus Surplus houses used office furniture that has been discarded from various departments on campus. The surplus is open to the campus community every Wednesday from 10:00 to 11:30a.m. and moving services will deliver selected furniture anywhere on campus. For more information, contact the Service Center at 351-2446.

Classified Staff
Council Garage Sale

This annual event features donated items from students and UNC staff as a fundraiser for scholarships, Student Activities and CSC programs. This end-of-the-year sale includes clothing, housewares, small appliances, bedding, books and more. Watch for details about the yard sale in early May. For more information or to donate items, contact classifiedstaff.council@unco.edu.

Bear Essentials

When residence halls close at the end of the academic year, students can help reduce, reuse and recycle unwanted goods (and help those in need) with the Bear Essentials program. Bear Essentials is an annual project designed to collect unneeded items from hall residents (such as food items, good clothing, shoes, furnishings, etc.). Some items are donated to local charities for distribution and others are sold to raise money for scholarships and professional development. The hall front desks will have a drop off location for your smaller items and there will be designated areas across campus roped off for the larger furniture items. Please see your front desk or hall staff for details.

Yard Waste

UNC grounds workers collect yard waste, such as branches, twigs and leaves. Branches and tree limbs are fed into a Vermeer wood-chipper, generating mulch for the university landscape. Over the past four years UNC has recycled approximately 2500 cubic yards of yard waste. Of the recycled waste, a total of 1740 cubic yards was collected after the early snowstorm of October 26 to 27, 2011.

Since2008, the University has successfully diverted nearly 3000 cubic yards of waste from Colorado landfills, resulting in high quality composts, mulches, and other recycled materials, produced by A-I Organics. These products are available to the landscape industry and Colorado citizens for landscaping and soil amendment purposes.  The university also receives a significant discount on its products due to our contribution of raw materials, which include tree and shrub prunings, leaves, discarded sod, weeds, branches, grass clippings, and other compostable yard waste.