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RMCA 2021

35th Annual Conference

September 17-18, 2021

Virtual Conference

No Fees! 


Theme TBD


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Yes, the Rocky Mountain Communication Association is still here. 

With apologies for delays in updates, the RMCA Exec Council has been deliberating the best ways to serve our constituents during a pandemic. We thought about taking a year off the conference scene, but did not want to lose momentum or leave any of our members in the lurch. However, even though the COVID vaccine is in initial stages of distribution, we still are in the midst of changing the way things are done. Rather than try to add a conference to everyone's schedule on top of our other challenges, we decided to forego our traditional April date, and instead will host this year's RMCA on September 17-18, 2021. 

Unlike the April 2020 conference, which was planned as face-to-face and had to be converted last-minute to some semblance of online meeting, the 2021 conference will be VIRTUAL, and will be planned as such. Additionally, we know that many institutions are feeling the financial crunch caused by loss of housing and meal contracts, sporting event revenue, and the like. Those cuts trickle down to professional development funds. As such, we will not charge fees for the 2021 conference! It will be FREE! 

For now, mark the date on your calendars. Check back to this page for the eventual theme and call. Submissions will be due early summer. 

We Are Here. We are here to serve. We are here to stay.