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As experts in the study of society, sociologists help communities, agencies, government organizations and businesses solve problems. You can become one of these problem-solvers by earning your Master of Sociology degree here at UNC. You'll find opportunities for internships out in the community, as well as research funding and teaching assistantships, which include tuition assistance and a semester stipend. There are additional opportunities for paid work guided by top faculty in our on-campus Social Research Lab.

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M.A. in Sociology

This program requires 30 credits spanning over at least four semesters. Because of the broad-based nature of our program and the close supervision of graduate faculty, you'll have the freedom to decide where to specialize. You can choose between thesis and non-thesis options. If you are planning to advance your employment opportunities by completing our M.A. degree, we have an applied emphasis which culminates in a professional research report based on an internship experience in the community. If you are interested in pursuing further graduate education or Ph.D. programs after completing our M.A. degree, we offer a thesis emphasis which culminates with a research project and traditional graduate thesis outcome.

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M.A. Program Details

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Your Future in Sociology

UNC’s Sociology program offers hands-on learning opportunities designed to prepare you for a diverse and evolving job market.

Consider UNC's M.A. in Sociology if you:

  • Want to take a leadership role in your career
  • Enjoy working with diverse people
  • Have a strong interest in research

You’ll learn:

  • How to interpret and analyze social problems from a sociological perspective
  • Analytical and administrative skills
  • How to collect and evaluate data via advanced quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Advanced, professional writing and presentation skills

Sample courses:

  • Applied Social Theory
  • Special Topics in Inequality
  • Applied Social Research
  • Research Internship
  • Social Statistics
  • Qualitative Methods

Where can your degree take you?

A master’s degree in sociology will open the door to leadership opportunities in many different types of careers. Many of our students are employed in social service agencies, or go on to pursue a Ph.D. Your internship and related research project will prepare you for an administrative position in a non-profit or governmental organization, and a number of other career options including:

  • Crime and justice
  • Community planning
  • Housing
  • Domestic violence
  • Social policy research

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