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A Bridge to Higher Income, Education

Open to students who are enrolled in nursing associate’s degree (ADN) programs at our partner colleges, this unique program provides an accelerated path to a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). You’ll start taking UNC nursing courses right away while you’re still working on your ADN and complete the bachelor’s degree online after you’ve entered the work force as a registered nurse.

The dual enrollment model enables you to earn an RN’s license and a nursing job in less than two years, while building a solid foundation for long-term career growth. You’ll get immediate access to all the benefits of UNC’s outstanding School of Nursing, including personalized academic advising, tutoring, career counseling and other services. In addition, you’ll develop supportive relationships with a tight-knit cohort of classmates who advance through the program with you. The BSN program concludes with a rigorous practicum experience in an area of nursing that fits your career objectives.

Degree Option

B.S. in Nursing (RN-BSN), Dual Enrollment

You’ll be concurrently enrolled at UNC while you’re earning your associate’s degree, taking one online bachelor’s course per semester. After completing the ADN, you’ll take your remaining BSN courses online, graduating in as few as three additional semesters. The RN to BSN Dual Enrollment program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and approved by the Colorado State Board of Nursing.

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Online Program

Degree Requirments

Your Future in Nursing

Although the nation’s aging population has led to a spike in demand for nurses, the job market for nurses is rapidly evolving. A rising percentage of employers prefer (or require) nurses who hold a BSN. The dual enrollment model enables you to get into the work force quickly, while preserving a secure path for you to complete a BSN degree and remain competitive in the job market. A BSN provides you with a broad range of career opportunities, including promotion to supervisory or managerial jobs, specialized nursing roles (such as operating room nurse or psychiatric nurse) and further graduate study at the master’s or doctoral level.

Consider UNC's RN-BSN dual enrollment program if you:

  • Are currently enrolled in an ADN program
  • Seek to enter job market quickly
  • Want to complete BSN for long-range career growth
  • Are interested in supervisory jobs and/or specialized nursing roles that offer greater responsibility

You’ll learn:

  • Excellent study habits and work routines
  • Research-based and evidence-based practice
  • Leadership and communication
  • Advanced methods and practices in nursing
  • Long-range career planning

Sample courses:

  • Professional Nursing Concepts
  • Patient-centered Care Concepts Across the Lifespan
  • Current issue in Health Care RN/BSN
  • Professionalism in Practice: Leadership and Management
Rachel Hinker

Student Spotlight

Rachel Hinker

Playing a sport while succeeding in one of UNC’s most challenging majors is no easy feat. But Rachel Hinker, track and field athlete and recent summa cum laude graduate of UNC’s nursing program, is proof that it can be done. She believes that focusing on her goals is part of what helped her to succeed:

“If you have a goal and you've chosen to do something, you pretty much put everything else aside until that gets done. For me, 100 percent, nursing school and track came first. So while I may have missed on some college things that other people do or are supposed to do, it was just more important for me to succeed in track and field and in nursing.”

Rachel is hoping to pursue a career in the trauma field, perhaps in the military or working in an emergency room. As she waits to be placed for her practicum, she’s also considering graduate school. Wherever here journey takes her, she knows she’ll have opportunities open to her thanks to her degree from UNC:

“The nursing program is accredited by everyone, so that's going to allow me to get a job wherever I want. Also, UNC has allowed me to have a Division I collegiate experience in my track career while having the benefits of a small college education as well.”

Beyond the Classroom

The dual enrollment RN-BSN program includes an exceptional practicum experience during your senior year. You’ll get hands-on experience in an advanced nursing specialty, along with personalized guidance and mentoring from an experienced professional. UNC stands out for its superior practicum offerings, which include more than 100 hours of supervised experience.

Where can your degree take you?

Registered nurse

Registered nurse

Nurse manager or supervisor

Nurse manager or supervisor

Nurse specialist

Nursing specialist in pediatrics, OR, ER, intensive care or another specialization

Graduate degrees

Graduate degrees

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