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Influence the Future of Health Care

A pioneering leader in nursing education, UNC offers one of the nation’s premier online Nursing Education doctoral degrees. Designed for working professionals who hold a registered nursing license, our online Nursing Education Ph.D. provides exceptional training that prepares you to influence the future of health care as a teacher, researcher and leader.

You’ll move through the program with a cohort of classmates, building close relationships with fellow students from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. You’ll also get exceptional mentoring from our faculty, who’ll help you tailor the degree to promote your academic interests and career goals. Given UNC’s historical education mission (across all disciplines), our program offers an unusually deep level of expertise in teaching and pedagogical research. Graduates of our Ph.D. in Nursing Education program have an outstanding job placement record, working as faculty members, researchers and professional development leaders across the nation.

Degree Details

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Online + Colorado Visits

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Degree Option

Ph.D. in Nursing Education (post-Master’s degree)

Our Nursing Education Ph.D. integrates core concepts from nursing science, nursing education, research and professional leadership. You’ll learn to evaluate current practices in nursing education, design research projects and analyze data, formulate new approaches to nurse education and apply your concepts in actual teaching programs. The program includes visits to UNC’s campus, while enabling you to integrate knowledge and experience from your current professional practice.

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Degree Requirements

Online/Colorado Visits Program

Your Future in Nursing Education

The U.S. health care system faces a critical shortage of nurse educators, and the need is increasing as the nation’s population ages. The National League for Nursing and American Association of Colleges for Nursing have called for focused efforts to prepare a new generation of faculty members and professional leaders. UNC’s online Ph.D. in Nursing Education will qualify you for influential positions at universities, community colleges, health care organizations and government/nonprofit agencies.

Consider UNC's Ph.D. in Nursing Education if you:

  • Are passionate about teaching
  • Have strong leadership skills
  • Desire to improve nurse education
  • Are interested in research, evaluation and analysis related to teaching programs

You’ll learn:

  • Research design methods and analysis
  • Advanced teaching techniques
  • Curriculum design
  • Program assessment and evaluation
  • Leadership and administrative skills

Sample courses:

  • Philosophical Underpinnings of Nursing Science
  • Teaching Strategies for Practice in Academic Settings
  • Leadership in Health Policy
  • Evidence-Based Teaching
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • Design, Methods and Analysis

Where can your degree take you?

  • University faculty and administration, nationally and internationally
  • Private and corporate research
  • Private and public health care settings
  • Hospital leadership and administration

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