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Technical Skills and Practical Experience

Develop advanced skills to analyze complex data sets, design large studies, work with data using the latest statistical software and design effective research methodologies. In the Applied Statistics and Research Methods program at UNC, you’ll gain highly marketable skills you can apply to diverse careers through a course of study that moves beyond theory, emphasizing hands-on experience and practical applications of technical skills. Courses are designed to help you grow your professional abilities and advance your career with classes led by award-winning faculty with extensive research experience. You’ll also gain valuable, real-world experience in your field of study through a wide range of internship and research opportunities.

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Degree Options

M.S., Ph.D. and Doctoral Minor

UNC’s Applied Statistics and Research Methods program offers both master’s degree and doctoral degree programs, and allows you to focus your studies in either applied statistics or research methods. We also offer a flexible, summers only master’s program that combines studies in both applied statistics and research methods.

M.S. in Applied Statistics and Research Methods

The master’s program emphasizes how research design and statistics can be applied to diverse issues, preparing you to make important contributions to real world problems. This program is offered at our main campus in Greeley, Colorado, with some courses available online.

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Applied Statistics and Research Methods: Summers Only Master’s Program

A popular program among teachers in Colorado, this option allows you to complete your master’s degree in just three summers, working during the months of June and July. You’ll develop advanced skills in research, evaluation and statistical methodology, including how to conduct statistical analyses and evaluations for educational and state agencies.

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Ph.D. in Applied Statistics and Research Methods

Earn your Ph.D. in Applied Statistics and Research Methods and gain leadership skills you can apply to a variety of careers. In the research methods emphasis, you’ll explore a range of methodologies, whereas the applied statistics emphasis bridges the gap between statistical theory and practice, focusing on issues that statisticians face in the workforce.

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Related Doctoral Minor

Minor in Applied Statistics and Research Methods

A strong option for teachers, the doctoral minor in Applied Statistics and Research Methods will help you gain the skills to conduct statistical analyses and evaluations for educational and state agencies.

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Related Programs

Finding Answers to Complex Questions

Focusing on issues that you’ll confront in the workplace, UNC’s Applied Statistics and Research Methods program provides rewarding opportunities to apply your skills in practical settings that will set you apart in the job market. This includes diverse internship and networking opportunities with local organizations, as well as opportunities to conduct research and present your work at national and professional conferences. You’ll also have access to our Research Consulting Lab, which provides free consultation on research and survey design, data collection and management, statistical analysis and evaluation and training with common data analysis software.

Your Future in Applied Statistics Research Methods

At UNC, not only will you have access to research and experiential learning opportunities that will advance your career, you’ll benefit from the close mentorship of dedicated, accessible faculty who are here to help you succeed.

Consider UNC’s Applied Statistics and Research Methods programs if you want to:

  • Advance or attain leadership positions in careers involving research and statistical analysis
  • Apply theory to practice through internships and other forms of experiential learning
  • Earn your master’s degree in a flexible summer program

You’ll learn:

  • Contemporary applications of statistical and research methodology
  • A wide range of research methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative methods, measurement and assessment and program evaluation
  • How to use computers effectively for statistical analysis

Sample courses:

  • Applied Statistics
  • Qualitative Analysis Software
  • Experimental Design
  • Survey Research Methods
  • Introduction to Qualitative Research
  • Applied Time Series Analysis


Susan Hutchinson, Ph.D.

Professor of Applied Statistics and Research Methods

Susan Hutchinson received her Ph.D. in applied measurement from the University of Georgia in 1994. She specializes in structural equation modeling, applied measurement and survey research methods. Her research has focused primarily on methodological issues related to structural equation modeling and applied measurement, particularly in the area of validity generalization. She's also interested in graduate level curriculum design and training issues in research methods and statistics.

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Where can your degree take you?

Apply your knowledge of statistical methods and research design to a variety of subject areas, such as biology, economics, engineering, medicine, public health, psychology, marketing and education.

These are just a few of your career options when you complete UNC's master's or doctoral degree Applied Statistics and Research Methods programs:

Master’s degree graduates:

  • Data analyst
  • Experimental design
  • Community college instructor
  • Evaluation or assessment specialist

Doctoral degree graduates:

  • University professor
  • Research specialist
  • Data analysis consultant

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