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Family and Support Networks

Welcome Bear family and support networks! We want you to be confident in your student's ability to successfully transition to UNC and how you can support them. Join us for Family/Support People Orientation that will happen along side your student's Orientation experience. We will cover topics ranging from support & safety at UNC to important information about billing & financial aid.

There isn't a separate registration for Family/Support People Orientation. When your student signs up for their Orientation, they can indicate how many guests that they want to bring.

Group of parents connecting at Parent Orientation

What to Expect

Family/Support People Orientation is designed to support you in finding answers to questions you may have about the campus and what it means for your student to attend the University of Northern Colorado. One of the biggest things to expect is that you and your student are going through two separate programs. During Family/Support People Orientation, you will:

  • Learn about the academic policies and expectations at Northern Colorado
  • Meet other families and support people of new students, upper-class students, and university staff
  • Learn about your student living on or off campus
  • Attend sessions on extracurricular activities available for your student and the benefits of your student getting involved on campus
  • Hear about course scheduling and the classes your student can expect their first semester
  • Be provided with a variety of materials to help you as you and the University work together to guide your student through their transition