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Parents & Support People

This program welcomes people who are a part of the student's family and friend support network to attend Orientation with the student. Participants will become more confident in their student's ability to successfully transition to UNC and begin to adjust to their new role as a parent or support person of a college student.

You will attend Parent Orientation on the same date as your student.

Reservations for students entering Spring 2020 will open in mid-October. The reservation for parents and support people will be made within your student's reservation.

Other general resources for parents and support people beyond orientation

¿Necesita interpretación en español?

Parents and support people attending the July 15–16 or July 17–18 Orientation can request access to a Spanish interpreter. The program during these two days will be presented in English, however, parents and support people opting in to Spanish interpretation will be able to wear an earwig where an interpreter will interpret English into Spanish live and in real-time. In order to receive this accommodation, the student must complete a Parent Orientation reservation in the reservation system and send an email to orientation@unco.edu including the first and last name of the individual(s) wanting access to the Spanish interpretation.

Cost to Attend Parent Orientation

The cost for students to attend is included in their student fees. The program fee for a parent and other support people varies for each session (see below). The cost includes:

  • Meals for all day(s) of the orientation session
  • Helpful calendar with important campus dates
  • Reusable canvas bag to carry your handouts, etc.

Note: The cost listed below includes a 10% non-refundable processing fee per payment transaction.

First-Year two-day summer orientation:


Transfer & Nontraditional one-day welcome:


Orientation in January:


Canceling your reservation

If you must cancel your reservation, please do so no later than 4 business days (Mon.–Fri.) prior to an orientation session. Reservations for a session close 4 business days prior to a session. Canceling your reservation can also be done in the online reservation system with your student.


Reservations will be made within the student's reservation. Please connect with your student(s) in working together to make reservations as it pertains to adding parents and support people. 

Making changes to your reservation

Any changes to your reservation after you receive your confirmation email should be done through your student's online reservation system - where the last reservation was made. Please DO NOT make another reservation.

Please Note: Refunds cannot be issued once it is less than 4 business days (Monday – Friday) prior to an orientation session.

What to Expect

Parent Orientation is designed to support you in finding answers to questions you may have about the campus and what it means for your student to attend the University of Northern Colorado. During Parent Orientation, you will:

  • Learn about the academic policies and expectations at Northern Colorado
  • Meet other parents and support people of new students, upper-class students, university faculty and university staff
  • Learn about your student living on or off campus
  • Attend sessions on extracurricular activities available for your student and the benefits of your student getting involved on campus
  • Hear about course scheduling and the classes your student can expect their first semester
  • Be provided with a variety of materials to help you as you and the University work together to guide your student through their transition

For Orientations for First-Year Students (new first-time to college), one of the biggest things to expect is that you and your student are going through two separate programs. There are certain sessions where Orientation and Parent Orientation overlap. These will include topics such as paying for college, getting started on campus, portions of the academic advising process, and a few of the meals.

During Orientations for Transfer and Nontraditional Students, most of the schedule is together except for parts of the welcome and when students are in advising and class registration. During that time, you and other Parent Orientation participants can learn about academics at UNC.

We recommend talking with your student about the benefits of you as a parent or support person attending Orientation. The decision is ultimately up to both of you and common deciding factors include: how comfortable the student is attending with or without the parent/support person, financial responsibilities, schedule availability, and if the schedule looks beneficial to the parent/support person.

Please understand that we do try not to repeat too much information from other campus events such as Preview Day, Admitted Students Day, and campus visits. While some helpful information may be repeated, we strive to present it in a different format and specifically for the student's support system.


You can find more information about where to park for your student's Orientation, by clicking on your student's student type below:


Note: If you wish to park somewhere else other than the designated parking lot for your student's Orientation, you will need to buy a day pass from one of the Pay to Park daily parking dispensers.